When setting up a new instance of SalesLogix on a Microsoft SQL Server I generally setup two maintenance plans using the Maintenance Plan Wizard.  Note that if you are using SQL 2005, make sure you are running MS SQL Service Pack 3.  There was an issue in earlier versions of SQL 2005 that caused maintenance plans to not run on schedule.

The first plan performs a full backup of the SalesLogix database every night and deletes database backups older than two weeks.  Keeping two weeks of backups is up to the clients judgment and hard drive size.  Some clients want more backups, others want fewer backups.

SalesLogix Nightly Backup Task

The second plan is a SalesLogix Database Maintenance Plan.  In this plan I Check the Database Integrity, Rebuild the Indexes, Update the Statistics and Cleanup log files older than two months.

SalesLogix Database Maintenance Plan

These are the Maintenance Plans that I have found to work.  Have any suggestions for better Maintenance Plans? 

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