When an Activity is scheduled in SalesLogix it is automatically assigned to the user creating the Activity. This user is the Activity Leader. The Activity Leader then has the option of adding other SalesLogix users to the Activity via the Members Tab:

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Activities Members are users in the SalesLogix system. The Activity Leader can only add users they have access to "Add Activities" for in the Calendar Tab of their User Profile in the Administrator:

SalesLogix User Profile Calendar

Once the creating user adds the other users as members of the Activity:

  1. The Activity record is created in the ACTIVITY table.
  2. A record is created in the User_Activity table for the creating user and each member.
  3. A record is created in the UserNotification table for each member. When each member user logs into SalesLogix they are prompted to confirm or reject the activity.
  4. Depending on if they Confirm or Reject the activity, the USER_ACTIVITY.CONFIRMED field is set to True or False.
  5. The creation user is then notified by a new record in the UserNotification table.
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