In part two of our three-part series on SugarCRM add-ons, we’re highlighting Sugar’s intelligent data enrichment tool, Sugar Hint. Part one of this series addressed the Customer Journey Plug-In and how it helps businesses make more consistent, targeted decisions on customer engagement. 

Today we’ll learn what Sugar Hint is and how it helps teams gain better insights on contacts and leads. Read on to find out more about this useful feature. 

What is Sugar Hint?

Sugar Hint uses artificial intelligent to provide insight on your accounts, contacts, or leads by pulling external information from social media, company details, company news, and other business sources to build a more complete profile. It pulls in this data based on the email address associated to the contact or the company’s website domain. Once Hint reveals all the pieces of information it finds, the Sugar user can choose which data to keep and add it to the Sugar database with one click. 

Think of how often your reps are spending researching their accounts, contacts and leads? 

Sugar Hint allows users to gain insight on their prospects and leads without having to do extensive research. This makes it useful to sales especially, but also to marketing and customer service teams trying to build more personalized profiles. With Sugar Hint’s insight, users can gather current, relevant information about accounts, contacts, or leads. Within the news section, Sugar Hint displays five of the most recent news stories related to the lead or contact’s company. 

What can Sugar Hint do for You?

In general, it is best practice to gather more data about your clients, prospects, and leads. The more information you have gathered, the more you know about them, helping you build better relationships. 

Think about how much time your sales reps spend on researching basic information about their contacts, accounts, or leads. Believe it or not, 32% of sales reps spend over an hour manually entering data into their CRM system. With Hint, that time can be cut in half. That is huge!

Sugar Hint uses automated research and customer intelligence to help teams be more productive and build more valuable customer profiles, faster. With less time spent on research and manual data entry, sales, marketing, and even customer service can drive more meaningful conversations and stay current on key insights about their contacts. 

Where does Hint Live in Sugar?

Once you’ve installed Sugar Hint, it works just like any other record layout you have seen within your Sugar instance. Sugar Hint will appear under your Show More tab. Remember, depending on the module you are using, your list of fields may look a little different. To learn more about which fields are available to import in which module, visit Sugar Hint’s documentation.

list of fields

Say you are interested in creating a new account. Using your typical process, you enter in your Account name. 

entering account name via this field

Adding the account name alone does not trigger Hint. But, once you add the account’s website domain, Hint can identify the company and display detailed information like what is shown below. 

display information via these fields

Depending on the module you’re in, Sugar Hint will offer help text to explain what information you must add to trigger its insights. For Accounts, the company’s website URL triggers Hint. For Contacts and Leads, your Sugar Hint insights are triggered through the contact’s email domain.

As you can see, the information gathered here is standard information you should be collecting about your accounts, contacts, and leads. Adding Hint to your instance creates consistency across your CRM system. In other words, you are collecting the same detailed information about all accounts, leads, and contacts. 

Once you have identified the information that makes the most sense to your business, simply click on the cloud to add that information directly under your Hint card, eliminating the manual entry process. Neat, right? If you are interested in learning more about how Sugar Hint can enhance your Sugar CRM experience, contact the TAI team!

information card
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