Creatio is a low-code/no-code CRM solution with a powerful infrastructure for building workflows and automating the business. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or customer service, Creatio has a toolset for the functionality you need. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for getting started with Creatio Marketing Campaigns. What should you set up first? What are some neat features you can look forward to taking advantage of? Read on to find out.

What is a Marketing Campaign in Creatio?

Marketing campaigns in Creatio are a faster way to reach out to your current customers or even potential prospects. Campaigns can be used to promote your products or services, webinars, or even used to help increase sales of a product that you may already have on the market. As you set up Campaigns, it is crucial to understand which type will best fit your objectives, and how to align the campaign with the overall goal you are trying to accomplish.

Getting Started with Creatio Marketing Campaigns

The general campaign tool within Creatio is a way for users to automate their marketing process while still being able to manage their campaign changes effectively. Within Creatio’s tool, users can build a campaign to inform audiences about future events, reach a series of prospects that are interested in a product or service, or even to automatically invite a list of participants to a certain event.

Within any process, the first step is to define your overall goal. When defining a goal, it is important to include possible ‘hard stops’ that may occur. These could be delayed responses, someone opting out of an email, or someone registering for an event. These are all stops that can help you define different next steps for a specified contact. Properly defining your process allows you to eliminate any duplicate steps and gain perspective on any areas that will need to be modified.

Creatio marketing campaigns allow you to add different elements, audiences, or even triggers that can be used to make your campaign as successful as possible.  

Campaign Flow

A campaign profile is a new campaign that the user is creating. Each campaign can be started or stopped either manually, or by setting up an automatic start/end date at a specific time. Like all pages within Creatio, there are different tabs included. Using tabs, users can be begin to build their campaign within the campaign designer.

Audience Tab

When you look at the audience tab found on your campaign homepage, you will notice there are different ways to include your campaign audiences.

Your audiences can be directly imported into the campaign using an excel file, or pre-added using an audience element. An audience that is pulled from a preset list of contacts can be added into a static or dynamic folder. 

Linked Entities

Use the Linked Entities tab to view what your campaign is linked to, whether it is being used within a landing page, as part of an event, or even if a trigger email is used within your campaign. The overall data used within the campaign will be found on this tab.

Some of our Favorite Creatio Marketing Elements

As you begin to think of the flow of your campaign, it is crucial to understand each element that Creatio provides, as it can help you better the overall flow. Under the campaign designer, there are a set of elements to choose from. Elements are ‘buttons’ that are used to build the flow of your campaign. Here are some of the most used elements within Creatio Marketing and what they can mean for you!

A. This allows you to add an audience to the campaign. The audience should be pre-defined and added to a static or dynamic list. This way, all your ‘target’ audiences will be found in one place.

B. This element adds a participant or audience member automatically or based on a trigged action. For instance, we can create a trigger that automatically adds the participant into the campaign whenever a certain section is modified within their account.

C. This functionality allows you to add participants to the campaign that are currently connected to a specific event.

D. This element allows users to add recipients to the campaign whenever they have completed a form on your landing page.

Obviously, there are many more elements to choose from. In fact, there are a total of 13 elements that can be found within Creatio.  These just happen to be some of our favorites! Using these elements allows you to create a more personalized campaign, completely customizing it to fit your overall campaign goals. 

Campaign Analytics? Creatio's Got Them

You’re not done just yet! After you created your campaign, monitoring your campaign is just as important. Within Creatio, you have different ways you can monitor the performance of your campaigns. First off, you have your campaign log. Your campaign log will give you an overview list of all the campaigns within Creatio. Using data shown within the log, the users can view the number of participants, the start and end date of the campaign, and any errors found within the campaign.

Using the Audience tab within a specific campaign, you can view the individual participants of the campaign and their status within the campaign flow.

Using the campaign designer, you can also monitor the counters. Counters are the displaying numbers that are visualized throughout the flow of the diagram. This number represents the number of participants shown within each element.

To see how campaigns can be visually created in detail, view the recording from our Online User group.

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