Category: SugarCRM

Client: Journey's International

Industry: Travel; Adventure Travel

Prior Product: None


As a family-owned and operated business, Journeys International prides themselves on delivering personalized, unique travel experiences to their clients. This meant understanding and representing their clients’ interests in a CRM tool, but the average CRM wasn’t built for such a unique use case. Journeys International needed XRM, not CRM.


Technology Advisors, Inc. (TAI) immediately saw that a typical implementation simply wouldn’t suit Journeys International’s needs, so they began by performing a full business analysis. From here, TAI constructed a data model and process automation strategy that supported their ambition of scaling without losing the personal touch. Together, TAI and Journeys International rolled out a highly customized configuration of SugarCRM Professional.


Journeys International now enjoys a higher occupancy ratio on the adventures their clients take. Additionally, the efficiencies gained through added automation has allowed the Journeys International team to spend more time fostering relationships with their partners and clients “on the ground” which, they believe, will allow them to offer expanded adventure service going forward.

By knowing our customers well, we make better recommendations and better business decisions more efficiently.