You can set up a gauge widget in Creatio to track progress towards a goal in the Dashboards section, on the Dashboards within any other section, or on a record page. In this example, we will set up a widget on a new Dashboard tab in the Dashboards section.

Start by creating or editing the dashboard tab (or record page) where you want to add the gauge. Add a Gauge widget to the page or tab.

Creatio new dashboard panel

Enter a name for your widget, and select the Object you want to base it on.

For example, my widget is going to count the number of completed calls a user has so far this month, so I’ll use the Activities object.

Set the function, meaning how to calculate the desired value.

For example, you can count the number of records meeting a criteria, or sum the $ value on opportunities or orders.

Creatio gauge designer

Next, define how to filter the data to only count the desired records. For my example, I am filtering to calls completed by the current user this month.

Creatio how to filter

Finally, set up the scale on your widget. For display order, select whether it is better to have a higher or lower value for this particular goal. Then, enter a range of values used to determine the boundaries of the red, yellow, and green sections of the widget. The values do not have to be evenly spaced.

Creatio how to display

Once you enter the values, you will see a preview of the widget. You can go back and adjust any of the settings until it looks the way you’d like it to. Once you are happy with it, save the settings, adjust the sizing as needed, and then save the overall dashboard tab or page that you are adding it to.

Creatio gauge widget
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