Benefits of Project Management with Technology Advisors

Better Understanding of Risk
Manages Work
Manages Backlog
Keeps Project on Track
Documents Change
Manages Issues
Determines Resource Allocation
Controls Project Schedule
Manages Budget

Why Do I Need Project Management?

A software implementation has a lot of moving parts. Project management keeps everything organized with defined use cases, phased sprints, daily scrums, risk assessment, and issue documentation. A go-live plan that takes all these moving parts into consideration is crucial for successful deployment.

That's why Technology Advisors provides you with skilled management professionals to run your software project. Our PMO team, together with key leaders in your organization, work to keep your project on track and within budget. We use social project management tools that unite TAI and customer teams around the project and provide information such as a Kanban board, burndown rates, issue logs, and scheduling.

agile methodology
Technology Advisors follows an agile methodology. This approach is proven to result in higher adoption because it offers a set strategy for using the software, not just a strategy for implementation. This is a basic representation of that agile process.

Our Project Management Approach

Technology Advisors follows an agile methodology to manage projects. Below are some of the tools and techniques we use to stay focused on your project.

Kanban Board

Kanban in Japanese means "cards you can see". A Kanban board is a visual display that shows open, in progress, and completed tasks. It is kept up-to-date in real time by our project managers and developers. The entire project team has access to this information and can see the current project status at any time.


In an agile approach, use cases are turned into tasks, which are then organized into sprints. Technology Advisors builds around a two week sprint cycle and typically has 3-7 sprints in an average project.

Burndown Chart

Burndown rates are a measurement of how quickly tasks are completed in each sprint. The burndown chart is used to measure the progress of the sprints, therefore determining the project's estimated completion date.

Backlog Planning

A backlog defines tasks you wish to address in the future. Backlog planning assigns tasks to the correct sprint based on priority and ROI. The backlog is built by uncompleted tasks and new use cases that are found while using the software. TAI updates the backlog after every sprint.

Issue Logs

Issues are problems that emerge during software construction, either during the review process or during the testing process. Issues are either fixed immediately or, if they're problems with requirements, they are moved to the backlog. Issues that show up after go-live are addressed by support.


Budgeting is an estimate of the costs of the overall project. The budget used is calculated daily from the work logs. By comparing the actual spend against the remaining tasks we can calculate the overall expected budget.

Change Requests

Change requests happen when an implemented user story does not end up solving the problem it was meant to solve. In this case, the user story is moved to backlog. Change requests can alter the project scope, budget, and schedule.

Risk Analysis

Every use case is assigned a risk factor. Risk analysis calculates the overall risk of the project and determines the highest risk items. Risk is determined by knowledge and experience. They combine to become a probability for overall project success. We manage risk by addressing high risk items first.

What Customers Say About Us

Incredibly impressed by their competency to solve our problem and also think future. TAI was able to show that spending more for a cloud implementation was not necessary and in this instance, rebuilding on the LAN was certainly better than replacing with another product.
Dennis F., National Bureau of Property Administration
They are a complete package. Every member of this team is of high caliber and the whole team is well organized. Their response to feedback is superior to any third-party vendor I have worked with.
Brian M., Keller-Heartt
Technology Advisors immerse themselves into your project. They go beyond to understand your current systems and what you are trying to achieve. They have extensive knowledge and experience, which they bring to each project.
Montelle D., Haynes International, Inc.
Technology Advisors has helped us to transform our data from one CRM to another without any interruption. They have helped us every step of the way to successfully integrate to fit our business needs.
Brianna S., Burrus Seed
I have worked with TAI for over 15 yrs. with my past two organizations and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. Working with TAI has proven to be a one stop shop for my organization from all phases of CRM support and technology review to quality and cost analysis and product review. This has ensured we have had the latest technology at a fair price for our organization with amazing support from TAI.
Linda S., Recept Pharmacy
We have been working with Technology Advisors since 2013 and we will continue this great relationship. Their knowledge of CRM is second to none and together we are able to tackle many difficult software integrations to shape it to best fit our needs.
Jean-Paul L., Captive Resources, LLC
One of the things that stood out from the start was the transparency and the helpfulness of being able to guide us along the paths that were the best for us. Technology Advisors always did their best to make sure that we are on the same page with all the new ideas and initiatives that we come up with.
Tim R., Hershey's Ice Cream
Throughout the past 4 years, TAI has not only become an extension of our team, but a crucial asset. We truly appreciate their attention to detail & their ability to bring our out-of-the-box CRM needs to fruition.
Tara C., AEM

Project Management for Every Need

Technology Advisors offers project management for various types of projects. We'll assess your individual goals to build the right approach for you.

Project Management for CRM Implementations

After committing to a CRM solution, the next step is to plan how you'll implement it. What's your timeline? Do you have any special fields or functions to build? Which key players on your team should have input? To make this process as productive as possible, Technology Advisors assigns you a dedicated project manager. The project manager coordinates the necessary tasks, builds a framework for how those tasks will be completed, and manages the communication to keep the project moving forward and to address any issues head on.

Project Management for Migration & Integration

Migrating and integrating data requires patience and diligence. The data must be clean, the use cases must be defined, and the outcomes must be anticipated. Technology Advisors built its own powerhouse migration and integration solution (StarfishETL), so we could have the adaptability to guide even your most complicated data projects.

Project Management for Software Rescue/ReDeploy

Have software that's dead in the water? If you've purchased a solution and are no longer finding value in it, it may be time for a rescue and redeploy. TAI conducts a workshop to identify your key problems and the best solutions to resolve those problems. This gives us a roadmap for redeploying your implementation. Rescue and redeploy project management exponentially increases your likelihood of success.

Project Management for Custom Projects

Software solutions sold out-of-the-box are a great baseline for many businesses, but for those with more complex needs, a one-size-fits all approach just won't do. Navigating a custom project can be confusing, time consuming, and expensive without the proper planning and project management. Technology Advisors mitigates these obstacles with detailed project scoping, planning, requirements, testing, and documentation - all while keeping your key players in the loop and your timeline on track.

Which Project Management Approach is Best for Me?

Need help with project management? Reach out to request a FREE consultation with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

PM is necessary to ensure: all goals and budgets are met; all deliverables satisfy the requirements; all levels of testing are properly planned and executed; go live tasks and contingencies are confirmed prior to the final date; all loose ends are tied so the project is successful.

No, it's included.

Agile Project Management Methodology and social project management toolsets.

Anywhere from 6 weeks to several months, but projects vary customer to customer. It depends on what you need and the timelines you're looking to fulfill.

The TAI PM will work in lock-step with your PM to ensure resources for the entire project team are appropriately scheduled and staffed to meet project goals.

With any implementation, there are many technical tasks that TAI is responsible for tracking to ensure a quality deliverable. The best way for us to manage them is within our social project management toolset. You are still able to utilize your own project management tool if your team also has many specific tasks to accomplish. The PMs will work together to ensure tasks are listed appropriately in each tool set.