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The summer slump is currently affecting offices across the country -- and it’s likely happening in your office, too.

This phenomenon impacts 53% of US office workers, who report feeling distracted during summer months. This distraction comes with a cost -- 25% of workers report feeling less productive at work from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

What causes the summer slump? There are a number of factors. To start, vacation days and summer trips help contribute to distraction throughout the office. But not taking summer vacations can be just as costly -- as summer is the mid-year point, any employee who hasn’t given themselves a nice break since the holidays will likely be experiencing burnout. So while vacation days do lead to more distractions, it’s worth it to encourage your employees to take that time off -- a majority of office workers don’t feel that their employer does enough now to prevent burnout.

The hot temperatures outside also contribute to weariness and lack of motivation. While seasonal depression is typically thought of as a winter phenomenon, seasonal depression also reappears with the high temperatures.

Adopting good management techniques and strategies is essential in combating the summer slump in your office this summer. While the slump won’t last forever, it can impact your end of year goals and bottom lines. In order to avoid the summer slump, you’re going to need to think out of the box.

Hosting meetings offsite, establishing “summer hours” that close the office early daily (or even just on Fridays!) are just a few simple ways you can keep employees engaged this summer. Keep reading to discover 11 ways your business can avoid the summer slump from Fundera.

11 Ways Your Small Business Can Avoid The Summer Slump

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