When using Creatio’s global search, Creatio quickly finds all relevant information and displays it in a global search results page. When the results appear, you may notice how there is a mix of all kinds of data (accounts, contacts, opportunities etc.). You end up having to comb though the data to find the specific data you are looking for.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way to highlight certain data to quickly draw our attention to it? You can modify Creatio’s global search by coloring the data in a way that grabs your attention. In this post, I’ll explain how.

Lets first start with making a small change to the Accounts search results so we add the account Type to what comes up. To implement this, we first create a module schema that inherits from the AccountSearchRowSchema schema.

You can create this in the “Custom” package, or if you have a package of your own that is currently being used to store customizations, then it can be added right there.

add account type to Creatio search results

Next, set the Parent Object to be AccountSearchRowSchema. This will automatically populate the code and title fields as we are using an existing module, and therefore the same configuration settings will carry over to our new schema module.

Once the schema module is created, we need to add some information to it that indicates what exactly needs to be modified. In our case, we are adding the “Type” field. So, the Creatio “diff” array will look like this:

Now that we have this change in place, we’ll try it out in the global search area, and the Type field should now show up for Accounts.

Next, we’ll add the styling. We have to build a css style page and associate it with this module so it knows to use it for formatting certain data. In this case, we add a module and name it with a CSS suffix so we know this is being used for styling purposes.

Note that the styling elements should be added in the “LESS” area. Here we have the Type field referenced for the style so the style directly applies to the element we are interested in.

The background color is a light blue with a border. To make the highlighted field look more appealing, a rounded border was added with some additional padding so the text does not run into the edges.

The final step after this is to reference the style page in the first module we created so it knows to pick up the styling elements. All we have to do is reference it as css!<the style module here>.

If everything has been set up correctly, the formatted Type field should show up like the image below, with a blue highlight and rounded edges.

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