When working with the Creatio Banking application, it is important to track fraud related conditions connected to customer financial accounts. When a customer calls or walks in, we’ll need to pull up the customer record and have any important alerts show up indicating a problem.

Account misuse or suspicious transactions are the most common reason for accounts to be blocked or frozen. In CRM, however, we need a way to make this show up quickly so the customer can get the assistance they need.

There are various ways to flag a financial account. For simplicity, we can assume that we will track this information in a field named “Frozen account”. The frozen account column could be updated from the core banking system or from a data warehouse that captures this information from multiple fraud checking systems.

creatio bank account header
Creatio bank account detail

Now that we have a place that captures the frozen account identifier, we need the ability to query  this information from whatever page we are expecting this alert to show on.

This logic could be implemented directly on a Legal Entity (i.e. organization) or Contact (i.e. person) page. There may be common logic, however, that can get repetitive and might be better implemented in a centralized code module.

For our purposes, we can create a C# module that queries the financial accounts for a given legal entity and returns a list of accounts that have the frozen flag turned ON.

Here’s the code that shows how the service can perform the necessary retrieval of frozen financial accounts:

Next, we want to implement the core logic on the legal entity page that calls this service and displays the necessary alert message.

For this, we will first open the Legal Entity page and add a handler on the page load. Then in the handler, we’ll implement the handler code that indicates how the service is called by passing in the identifier of the legal entity that we are currently viewing.

Also, don’t forget to add the “sdk” reference in the “Define” statement because the code needs this in order to use the Creatio utility that allows calling of back end services.

Once everything has been implemented correctly, go ahead and set up some test data where the frozen account flag is turned ON. Once you have this, navigate to the Legal Entity page and you should see a message that looks like this:

fraud alert in creatio

If there are multiple financial accounts having an issue, they should all be visible in this message, separated by commas. With this alert in place, we now have a clear notification to the customer service team when the customer reaches out with a problem, which should hopefully help resolve the issue quickly.

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