To create powerful Web content, you need a powerful supporting platform. HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) allows you to have complete control of your website’s content and design all within one platform. Here are 7 awesome features of HubSpot CMS that can help you spend less time managing your system and more time creating a better experience for your customers. 

1. Great Publishing Tools

Publishing content regularly should be a major part of your inbound marketing efforts. Your website is your company’s biggest digital advantage. It takes users approximately 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website, so it’s important to dazzle them quickly. Building a great website and consistently publishing content can help you get more visitors and gain the insights necessary to turn them from prospects to customers.

HubSpot’s CMS was designed with marketers and sales reps in mind. Listen, we get it. From a sales standpoint, a lot of time is spent trying to focus on the right prospect to call, while still continually building relationships with the rest of your contacts. Actually, studies reveal that only 2% of sales occur during the first initial meeting, which means building that customer relationship is crucial. The ability to easily publish content and view valuable metrics from it makes it easier for sales to focus on the website visitors that are truly interested in their product or service.

From a marketing standpoint, HubSpot CMS allows marketers to take complete control of their website without waiting for a website engineer. There are literally thousands of templates already designed for you to use as a starting point. These templates include images, modules, and great content examples that you can alter to fit your website. Templates can be used to help you create an About Us page, a pricing page, contact us etc., all underneath one platform.

2. Built-In SEO Tools

The powerful content you publish won’t mean very much unless it’s easy to find. In order to compete online today, your SEO must be stronger than ever. HubSpot has SEO recommendations that allow you to enhance all the pages on your site. The SEO tools are detailed and provide easy to follow recommendations.

For instance, HubSpot can recommend you ‘increase word count’ on a blog to improve its SEO. Within HubSpot, you can view the pages that will need an increase in word count, the priority level of this recommendation, and why it is important to follow the recommendation. You can also edit these pages directly from the SEO tool, simply by clicking ‘view pages’ — Easy!

3. Multi-Language Content Creator

Connecting with your audience is vital for any business, particularly international organizations. There are many great ways that businesses can connect with their audience online. One of the easiest ways is being able to apply multi-language content.

Focusing on personalizing the customer experience and being able to adapt to a user’s culture is essential, in fact, it’s a necessity in order to properly conduct business. Adapting to your audience’s language allows them to fully comprehend your product or service and therefore reach a larger audience. It is important to consider that 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Creating a multi-language content helps differentiate you from your competition.

Within HubSpot CMS, users have the ability to create multi-language variations of their content to associate with their branches located internationally, without having to install or set-up any external plug-ins.

4. Lead Generation Tools

One of the greatest things about HubSpot is the ability to handle all your marketing and sales activities within one unified platform. With that being said, HubSpot CMS is just another advantage not only for managing your leads and opportunities, but managing your content as well.

Within HubSpot CMS you have the ability to add various lead generation tools right into your website, helping you turn your visitors into customers. 

Chatbots can be added to your website to allow you to connect with your visitors on an individual basis. Being able to connect with your customers helps you fully understand their needs and what solutions you can offer them. Your chatbot can be configured to answer commonly asked questions, submit and assign tickets, and even book meetings. For more information about chatbot’s use cases check out our blog here.

Another great way to generate leads is by adding optimized forms to your website. Forms can be used to gather basic information about your visitors in return for them finding out more information about your product or service. With HubSpot’s CRM connected, this is done automatically without you having to manually enter the data. Connecting these tools within your website allows you to focus on potential customers.

5. Security

Connecting your website through HubSpot CMS automatically employs multiple strategies to ensure that both you and your visitors are always protected. HubSpot’s CMS is configured to automatically function through their CDN (Content Delivery Network), which ensures that your Web pages load quickly, no matter where in the world your users are. Approximately, 47% of visitors only expect to wait a maximum of 2 seconds for a website to load.  A secure and fast loading site is seen more favorably by SEO and prevents your visitors from clicking away with frustration because of the load time.  

6. Thorough Analytics

Publishing content is great, but your job is not done just yet. Your website should be updated based on feedback, and of course analytics. Data does not lie. Focusing on the right data will help you understand what is and what is not working for your company.

HubSpot’s CMS tools allow you to report on your website traffic, your overall page performance, and even contact conversion rates. For instance, when focusing on traffic analytics, you can see where your visitors are coming from. This is crucial as it allows you to know whether the prospect found you through organic search, a referral source, or social media. This can help you pinpoint where you should be spending more of your time, and where your efforts should be pulled back a little as well.

7. Testing Features

Your website is one of your greatest advantages, however, only if you use it correctly. A slight change in your website can affect the number of leads you gain. Within HubSpot’s A/B Testing and Adaptive testing features, users have the ability to test different variations of their website or landing pages to ensure that their best-performing site is always shown. The testing features use machine learning so you can spend your time elsewhere, while HubSpot does all the work. You can even monitor to see which variation on of the site is performing the best. Cool, right?

If you’re ready to get started with HubSpot’s CMS, CRM, or Marketing Hub, we can help. Contact our team for a free consultation. We’ll assess your business goals and offer our suggestions for how to make the best use of your HubSpot solutions for continued growth and reliable website conversions.

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