Your outside sales team needs a way to properly connect to the CRM system on the go. With HubSpot’s mobile CRM app, your sales reps can access their accounts and never a miss out on new leads or prospects. Users can have the same experience using the mobile app as they do through a Web browser, without ever having to turn on their desktop.

Getting Started with HubSpot's Mobile App

The great thing about HubSpot’s mobile app is that it is included within your Sales Hub, so it is completely free to download. It only takes minutes to download HubSpot's mobile app. Whether you are an Android user or an IOS user, HubSpot can grant you access to your CRM database as quickly as possible, but with some minor differences. For IOS users, HubSpot allows you to easily connect to your marketing and sales data. For Android users, HubSpot grants you access to your sales data, including service tickets as well.

Connecting With Your Records is Easy

Outside sales reps can use HubSpot's mobile app to easily connect with their leads and contacts without ever having to log into their desktop view. By clicking on the contacts button found towards the bottom of the screen, users will be redirected to all the Contacts and Accounts synced from their HubSpot CRM account. All their contacts will be listed, and they can easily filter records to only display those that are relevant to them.

Contacts Within HubSpot's Mobile App (IOS View)
Filtering your Contact's using HubSpot's Mobile App (IOS View)

This type of filtration is crucial for outside sales reps. It allows them to simply view the contacts/accounts they are working on without ever having to worry about entering the information underneath the wrong account. HubSpot also allows users to filter by ‘views’, which are set saved searches that you have previously created or a team has created and shared with you.

Like the desktop versions, users can easily add a contact simply by clicking the [+] sign found on the top right-hand side of their screen. Within this view, users have three ways in which they can import a contact. Users can manually enter the information, they can import the information from their ‘contacts’ within their phone, or they can scan a business card that will automatically fill in the contacts information for you!

Neat, right?

Similarly, when adding a new account, users will click the [+] sign and enter company’s information. You can even associate contacts with companies directly from your mobile app!

One thing to note is when creating either a contact or company record, the ‘contact owner’ will always default to the person creating the record, and cannot be edited using the mobile app.

While creating a record is easy, modifying changes to an existing record is just as simple by directly clicking on the record you wish to modify. Using the ‘About’ tab within the record’s card, users can directly edit any changes needed for this specific record.

Focus...Organization is Key.

Outside sales reps are constantly on-the-go, and because of that, they must be organized. The tools in HubSpot’s mobile app enable the organization they require through several features. Here are some of those key features.


HubSpot’s mobile app keeps outside sales reps on top of their schedule to ensure they never miss an upcoming task. When first entering the mobile app, the homepage will provide quick insight of all the upcoming tasks and meetings. Within this view, the reps can also complete a task simply by clicking the check. Users can also access the tasks page directly from this view. Here, you can see all the tasks that have been assigned to you. You can filter the tasks based on a certain type, whether it is a call, email, to-do, or even to view your completed tasks. Lastly, you can directly create a task.

Like other views, simply clicking on the [+] will allow you to add a new task on the go. You can directly assign the task to others, and even connect the record that the task is associated with.

Creating a New Task using HubSpot's Mobile App (IOS View)

Checking an activity is easy! App users can access their activity feed from their mobile device. Whether they are checking all recent activities, or specifically viewing which emails were clicked, users can check to see the activities associated to their sales efforts.

Within the app users can:

  • Check which emails have been opened
  • Check which emails have been clicked
  • View all their recent sent emails
  • Review lead visits to the website
  • Review prospect visits to the website
  • View documents
  • View all recently booked meetings
  • View any forms that have been submitted from contacts
Logging an Activity

Your team also can use HubSpot’s mobile app to log an activity associated to a contact directly from the contact record. Whether it is to add a note related to a contact, create a task to follow up with this specific contact, or even log an activity, by Clicking [+ Log Activity] within the contact record, users can log a call, a meeting, or even a description of the email directly from this view.

Logging an Activity using HubSpot's Mobile App (IOS View)
Deals, Quotes & Tickets

Deals: Using the deals section within the app, you can see all the deals within your system based on a certain pipeline, or you can filter and view the deals that are only associated with you. Directly from this view, a new deal can also be created.

Quotes & Tickets: Although these features are only for Android users, these users can directly update the quotes and tickets associated with a record, review their timeline, and even log a comment or note to update other users regarding the status of quotes and tickets.

Hidden Gems


Users do not even have to type their notes to text messages. They can use their microphone to fully dictate all notes and texts while on-the-go!

Call & Text

Users have the option to add phone numbers to contact that will allow them to call and text a contact directly from their mobile app. 

Recorded Calls

Using recorded calls, your sales managers can effectively monitor your sales reps calls to ensure the calls are running as smooth as possible. To do so, a user must enable the call recording setting within the HubSpot account.

Play back recordings, view comments, and even read the transcript from a call to better understand and determine what needs to done better for future calls.

HubSpot’s mobile app simplifies outside sales to help your teams communicate better and stay on top of their interactions. Technology Advisors is a Platinum HubSpot partner. If you need help getting started with HubSpot and its mobile capabilities, contact us today.

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