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Choosing the Right CRM for Snack Franchise Operators

Guest Post by: Ashley Curt

A CRM system by its very nature helps you manage customer relationships. Choosing the right CRM software for your company should be in line with the industry you fall under. It is extremely beneficial for snack franchise operators who need to keep track of constantly changing variables, fluctuating inventory levels, revenue, overhead costs, and also customer satisfaction––especially given the magnitude of operations in America alone.

Americans’ deep affection for food, particularly packaged snacks, is no secret. On a global scale, Statista reports that most of the revenue of the snack food industry is generated in the United States. Marcus’ article on ‘Why the Snack Industry is Booming’ outlines the potential for further growth, claiming that sales are expected to exceed $600 billion by 2025. As consumer behavior constantly evolves, the food industry, including franchises, will continue to flourish. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to carefully consider the right CRM for your snack food franchise’s operations. Here are some factors to consider:


Modern CRM software allows for a cost- and time-effective way of managing your customer relationships and improving a company’s service. Dan Tyre of CRM provider HubSpot advises that usability can be measured from its smooth installation, all the way up to the access and operation of sales and marketing processes simultaneously. This is now referred to as ‘smarketing,’ in which companies will be able to identify the traffic on their sites and address their customers’ needs accordingly.


You should be able to determine how much time you are saving in relation to the software’s operations. This software should automate a number of processes to save you time for more important tasks like recruiting and training. Some CRM providers today are even more accessible with developments in mobile and social features that allow the workforce to stay connected amidst the rush of running a franchise. This also lets you access real-time data to attend to customer needs immediately. Through more targeted and fine-tuned campaigns, the CRM system of your franchise should be able to attract more customers.


One thing that is often forgotten is the importance of having your CRM system seamlessly integrate with other applications you are using. It should streamline operations so it should be able to work well with your website, accounting and HR tools, transactions, and any other current platforms you already have on hand to ensure the best results. With a snack food franchise, in particular, you can’t afford to have things go awry given the volume of people you have to cater to.

At the end of the day, digital analyst Brian Solis says that customer-centricity, engagement, and experience should be at the heart of an effective CRM system. Make sure that you tick-off all the boxes your company needs to optimize its operations, and you’ll be able to see just how much your CRM system will help grow your franchise.

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Ashley Curt

Ashley Curt has a fascination with SMBs and startups, and hopes to be a freelance consultant for CRM providers one day. On lazy weekends, you'll see her at the park with her dog named Carrie.

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