Consumers Credit Union is a fast growing credit union based north of Chicago, IL with over 200,000 members, 450 employees, and $3 billion in assets.

Before Creatio, Consumers Credit Union didn’t have a CRM. Their members were frustrated by long wait times, and their staff was frustrated by having to jump between systems to learn basic member information. All of this was hurting their KPIs.

Q: What are some of your project outcomes?

A: One of the biggest ones: We were using some "not great" systems to pass work along, and we were using our core system as our CRM. Both of those things were negatives and made work more difficult. When we implemented Creatio…it transformed us a bit…and allowed us to rethink the way we want to serve our members and collaborate to solve member problems as they come up.

"One of the biggest things we have now is the ability to solve member problems more quickly."

Q: What are some tangible benefits you’re seeing?

A:  We’re avoiding member issues falling through the cracks. In the past, we would pass member problems along to other departments via Teams Messages and other systems, none of which are trackable or reportable. Now we have all that work being moved through Creatio and can see very specifically is there a department that’s struggling or if there's an issue members are having that is more frequent than others.

Q: Would you recommend Creatio?

A: Being able to have that member 360 view all in one place was crucial. When we developed business solutions [with Creatio], we were able to develop business solutions that felt right for us, as compared to other platforms we looked at. They may have been quality products, but we would have lost some of what made CCU us, because we would have been forced to…accommodate the other platforms’ processes. 

Q: How did TAI help you?

A: TAI became an extension of our team. They learned how we operated as a business and came to understand, really well, some of the challenges we were facing and some of the disjointedness…they really provided us with best practices that helped drive the way we were going to implement and really build Creatio. From pure project management and development resources…they really just did a fantastic job bringing in the resources we didn’t have internally. ”

"Because we have several of our other systems integrated into Creatio, we can see all of that in one spot as members are calling."

TAI integrated CCU’s core system, their consumer LOS, credit platform, and other systems with their new CRM, Creatio. Consumers Credit Union continues to grow into their CRM processes. Their members are seeing better service, and their employees are solving member problems with less frustration. CCU plans to continue their relationship with Technology Advisors, Inc. and Creatio.

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