Prior to SalesLogix v7.5, I was not able to create Activities in the Leads entity in SalesLogix. This often prohibited me from actually using Leads and I would enter my leads into the regular Accounts and Contacts entities. Having my leads mixed in with all the other data in SalesLogix made it more time consuming to run reports on my leads and see everything I need to monitor.

SalesLogix Activities on Leads

Since we have upgraded to SalesLogix v7.5, I am now able to create Activities within Leads. I recently purchased a list and was able to import it directly into Leads tagging it with the appropriate Lead Source. From here I was able to create qualification questions so that once the lead is qualified, it can be converted into an actual Account/Contact. Based on the responses to the qualification questions, I am able to set Activities for follow up calls when they are appropriate.

My favorite part of having the ability to schedule Activities in Leads in SalesLogix v7.5 is Campaign follow-up. Now when I run Campaigns on my Leads, I am able to set follow-up calls (Activities) for the appropriate sales consultants. Depending on what types of Campaigns I run: e-mail, direct mail, etc., I am able to make sure follow-up calls are scheduled for the proper days and times. I am also able to look in Leads and see whether or not these Activities are actually being completed, as well as how many Activities are out there at any given time.

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