Technology advances about as fast as a newborn baby. Blink and it all becomes unrecognizable. As the world adapts to more rapid shifts brought about by the
COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to develop the tech skills that are high in demand for a virtually working world.

With the right tools in your tool belt, you can cultivate your value as an employee and gain opportunities just about wherever you want. Explore the most in-demand tech skills of the modern era, why employers need them, and how you can go about developing these skill sets. 

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills

Understandably, the most in-demand tech skills today include all kinds of processes for making remote work and automated solutions possible. When the pandemic hit, it pivoted a majority of Americans into work-from-home or hybrid positions. With far more opportunities available in a global marketplace for remotely working employees, we need tech solutions that streamline our workflows.

Now, workers across industries have to understand tech at a basic level. Even the process of writing and submitting a resume has to consider software like applicant tracking systems that will sort and categorize your information. With modern realities in mind, these are the tech skills that can elevate your opportunities no matter what industry you're in:

  1. Cloud Computing — Businesses are pivoting to cloud computing systems all the time to accommodate remote and hybrid workers. Skills in engineering, managing, and optimizing these systems can be invaluable to many modern workplaces.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning — The prevalence of large-scale data sets make all kinds of innovation possible, but that data would be useless without the tools to analyze it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a framework for automating and understanding just about anything. Skills for using and building these frameworks are in high demand.
  1. Big Data and Internet of Things Coordination — Data is generated at a rate of about 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. Meanwhile, IoT tools like wearables and sensors can provide invaluable insights throughout a business process. Skills in applying these, coordinating the data, and communicating insights in a clear narrative fashion are essential to modern industry.
  1. Marketing Automation — Everyone is looking for opportunities to improve their abilities to reach a global audience while cutting costs. Software that can help an automated marketing process is taking off as a result. With an understanding of chatbots, targeted marketing, and personalization, marketing automation is possible.
  1. Team and Project Leadership — Leadership, team management, and communication skills are invaluable aspects of tech that will always be in high demand. By developing these skills, you can make yourself more qualified for the management positions you might be looking for.

By cultivating skills in building, managing, or even communicating how to successfully use tech like AI or IoT, you can maximize your working potential. From there, it's simply a matter of negotiating a proper pay scale for your expertise. Consider working salary, on a contract basis, or at an hourly rate while providing businesses the skills they need to succeed.

But you may be asking, how do you go about obtaining these skills? 

How to Obtain the Best Tech Skills for the Job

Your journey to developing the tech skills most in-demand in today's job market begins with education. But this doesn't have to mean a traditional degree from an accredited university. There are plenty of ways to develop the technical and soft skills essential for creating great experiences.

From the democratization of learning on online platforms to virtual learning options for higher education, the means to advance are wide open to you. Here are some paths to consider for obtaining the best skills for the job:

  • Look for opportunities to apply new tech and manage teams in whatever position you currently find yourself in.
  • Explore the world of massive online open courses (MOOCs)  where you can begin to learn about new tech on the cheap.
  • Network with tech professionals within your organization or on social media.
  • Obtain a master's degree in developing technologies like cloud systems and machine learning functions.

Any of these paths can be valuable ways to grow both your soft and hard skills when it comes to technology. As a result, you can demonstrate your value in this high-tech world and just about any industry in which you'd like to work. Modern industry requires technological awareness. Pair this with a commitment to quality communication and you can maximize the success of your business processes.

Bottom Line

Technology changes all the time, but with a background in coordinating and communicating these systems for success across the workplace, you can ensure workplace adaptability. Right now, in-demand skills include AI and automation as well as project management. Develop any of these hard or soft skills and you can provide invaluable benefits to just about any business.

Start by simply taking a course online, or even consider going back to school. With the increase in remote work, the world — quite literally —  is open to you.

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