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TrustSphere is a recognized leader in Relationship Analytics. By using Organizational Network Analysis, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform enables organizations to unlock the inherent value of their collective relationship networks and make real-time data-driven decisions across Sales, Human Capital Management and Risk & Compliance. TrustSphere’s technology can be meaningfully used across businesses where employee relationships & customer relationships are built and maintained using corporate communication platforms including in financial services, professional services, technology services, media, and the public sector.

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What is Relationship Analytics and How to Use it

TrustSphere’s proprietary Relationship Analytics platform traces communication and collaboration activity in email, IM and voice calls to identify and establish connections between employees and also between employees and customers or business partners or suppliers. Its proprietary algorithms quantify these relationships and build an organization-wide Relationship Graph over a period of time.

Understanding relevant relationships generates unique insights that can be leveraged for creating business value. By identifying relevant relationship networks between employees and customers from communication data, Relationship Analytics for Sugar provides previously inaccessible customer insights to Sugar CRM users, in real-time.

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Benefits of Relationship Analytics for SugarCRM

Replace cold calls with warm introductions. LinksWithin enables users to find the most relevant and productive relationships from within their organization to an external company or individual.


Never be blindsided in customer meetings again. By making visible all organization-wide relationships at the click of a button, Relationship analytics connects sales, customer service and back office teams together in an intelligent way. By using the Customer Interaction 360, they are always prepared for meetings with coordinated customer dialogue.


Accelerate onboarding by improving handover. TrustSphere’s Transition Report allows new sales employees to gain visibility over relationships with stakeholders in key accounts. Sales managers are also able to transition a departing sales employee’s important relationships to his replacement, thus ensuring a smoother transition and decreased disruption to the customer. This ability to pass on relationship information typically improves the time-to-productivity of new employees from three months to just one month!


Improve sales productivity and efficiency. TrustSphere’s Missing Contacts Dashlet reveals what is NOT in CRM – all the contacts and important relationships that do actually exist, but are non-existent in the CRM – and prompts customer facing stakeholders to add these potential contacts with just one click. With Relationship Analytics, users can get a more accurate view of customer relationships to identify and pre-empt potential problems, flag accounts at risk to quickly address customer concerns and improve renewal rates.


Find two more hidden contacts for every contact entered in Sugar

70% increase in registered contacts

75% faster onboarding of new client representatives

60% faster identification of at-risk client relationships

TrustSphere Resources

Relationship Analytics for SugarCRM: User Guide

Your administrator will have installed the package and deployed the relationship information to the required page layouts. The following pages provide a quick guide for the user to take advantage of the features available.

TrustSphere Privacy Position Paper

This document is intended for use by those interested in or responsible for an organization’s compliance with privacy legislation. This is typically those in the office of the Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Data Officer, and/or General Counsel.

DataSheet: Relationship Analytics for Sugar

Sugar helps build extraordinary customer relationships by providing an adaptable and powerful platform. Relationship Analytics for Sugar extends this functionality by giving rich, timely and relevant insights on customer relationships to the right users where they need it most - in Sugar!

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