Productivity Solutions for Sales People

Pipeline/Opportunity Management

Pipeline/opportunity management provides a visual way of looking at your sales opportunities and where they are in the sales process.  The pipeline is normally depicted as a funnel where qualified leads start at the top of the funnel and closed deals sit at the bottom.  It’s a best practice to only have qualified opportunities in the funnel.  Pre-qualification should happen in the lead management process to eliminate noise from the pipeline.

The pipeline stages should map to the sales process you are using, such as solution selling or Miller-Heimann.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, Productivity Tools


Forecasting is the process of analyzing opportunities and determining if that opportunity will close, and when.  Forecasting also tries to determine cash flow by showing how the opportunity will payout over different time periods. It is a best practice to forecast over a natural time boundary (month or quarter) which is either equal to a budget period or is approximately half the average sales cycle.  For example, if the sales cycle is five months, then a quarterly forecast might be best, but if the cycle is three months, then a monthly forecast is more appropriate.

There are several techniques to forecasting.  Forecasting is usually driven by opportunities, which is fine for transactional sales where the money is invoiced at the time the opportunity closes.  In complex sales where invoicing happens over time, an opportunity with a detailed line item is needed.  These are sometimes called revenue lines.  This approach allows forecasting for multiple line items closing over different periods.

Very complex forecasting based upon market share and customer production is possible.  This approach, called Machine forecasting, is usually associated with an opportunity where a company has won a chance to sell a part to a manufacturer.  Sometime an exact order isn’t know, but what is known is the percent of the parts supplied and the number of products your customer will produce.  This approach is the most complex but is common is 2nd tier manufacturing suppliers.

Finally, the best forecasting systems allow for analysis of the forecast by setting a baseline.  This is when a sales representative builds a forecast and commits that forecast as a baseline.   This baseline can be created in including or excluding opportunities or revenue lines.  Sometimes, an additional category called “Upside” is also added for opportunities too close to call.   Creating a baseline, sales management can accurately determine a sales person’s ability to forecast and can make adjustments so that most accurate forecast can be provided.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, Business Intelligence Software

360 View

A 360 degree view of a company or contact means that all interactions between the customer are located in one single place.  The 360 view includes history, emails, marketing campaigns, activities, and phone calls. It also includes all future events, like tasks due, phone calls scheduled, emails scheduled, etc. Plus, a full view shows all notes associated with that company, past purchases & future opportunities, payment history, and information specific to that company’s industry. The 360 view is the “everything look” at your customers and prospects.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, Business Intelligence Software

Lead Management

Leads are potential buyers with unqualified information.  Leads come in through many different channels, from tradeshows to website visits.  The process of lead management is qualifying leads and converting them to contacts and opportunities. Companies who skip the lead management process or say, “Every lead is an opportunity”, pollute their pipeline with inaccurate data and corrupt the pipeline. 

It is a best practice to determine if the lead has the budget, motivation (pain), and timing to buy your product.  Without these three factors, a sale is doubtful.  Only after you have complete info about a lead, and you know these three facts, should you move a lead to an opportunity. 

Supporting Solutions: CRM, Productivity Tools


Quoting often happens in one of two ways: Via CRM or via CPQ. Simple quoting is performed through CRM, assigning products to a quote and allowing for discounts and quantities at a product level.  More complex quoting is performed using CPQ software.

CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. This software works just as it is named. First, there is a configuration process.  Configuration not only picks parts from a product list, but deciphers how those parts are assembled.  Configurators will include and exclude parts to ensure the order is correct and find substitute parts when inventories are low.  After the opportunity is configured, the system will price it using either a master price list or the customer’s contract pricing. Finally, the quote module allows for a highly customized, personalized, and automatically generated quote. Quotes can be assembled from a library of supporting documents to produce an accurate and automated document.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, CPQ


Dashboards are a critical component of every CRM. A dashboard organizes your information visually so the most important aspects are always at your fingertips. Dashboards can feature to-do lists, exception reporting (Who haven’t you called in 3 months?), and graphics, so you can quickly visualize trends. Dashboards change based on an individual’s role in the organization. For example, a sales person may prefer to see their pipeline, activities, and opportunities on the dashboard, whereas a manager may be more interested in forecasting and trends. Dashboards can be customized to deliver quick snapshots of information for any business role.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, Business Intelligence


As companies mature, information can no longer be siloed. Data integration between software systems automates processes and expands CRM functionality. The process of connecting sales data with manufacturing & accounting benefits the entire organization. Every department can view sales forecasts, and the sales department can access information like order and payment history.

Supporting Solutions: Integration software


One of the greatest benefits of implementing CRM is the automation of standard processes and repetitive tasks. Workflow helps organize and initiate this. It guarantees that procedures are always being met, not bypassed. It improves the sales process by automating tasks that your sales people should—but might not be—doing daily. These tasks include follow up calls, reminders for meetings, and more.

Supporting Solutions: CRM, BPM, Productivity Tools

Products we Recommend


Productivity Tools

3CLogic is a leader in Cloud and multichannel communications as a service. The Cloud communication platform empowers customer engagements, accelerate sales, and enhance call center efficiency. 


Productivity Tools

ActivePBX delivers a complete CTI and Enterprise Cloud Telephony Solution



bpm’online is a global provider of process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service. The beauty and the core value of bpm’online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what’s relevant. Today, the company employs 600+ experts and serves over 6,500 customers worldwide.


Productivity Tools

Collabspot helps salespeople close more deals, faster, with 1-to-1 marketing automation in Gmail that integrates their CRM. This Chrome extension brings multiple business apps into your Gmail simultaneously. It is a sales e-mail platform that solves the problem of CRM adoption by helping salespeople reach out to leads and customers through e-mail and social networks. Users get timely cues and easy access to customer data so they can close deals without friction. 


Content Management

DocuSign is the world’s leading electronic signature solution. With more than six million customers having DocuSigned more than 58 million documents, DocuSign is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to sign, track, and store documents in the cloud.


Content Management

Flexidocs integrates seamlessly with SugarCRM or Salesforce to automatically pull fields and related records into the documents you're creating. Then, it lets you share those documents for electronic signatures on computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Infor CPQ


Infor Configure, Price, Quote has industry-specific functionality that allows organizations to do more. Accurate quotes and proposals are easily generated and can include 2D and 3D images. Manual entry for sales order details and routings is eliminated while accuracy and customer satisfaction is improved. Infor CPQ offers advanced technical specs for your engineers and guided quoting for your sales team. It’s the ideal solution for accelerating and simplifying your CPQ processes.

Infor CRM


Infor® CRM is an award-winning CRM solution that delivers a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries — both in the office and in the field.

Infor ION

Integration / Migration

Infor ION enables intelligent business operations by simplifying integration between disparate systems, while combining contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow and business monitoring in a single, consistent architecture. The solution also unifies reporting services, mobile services, and cloud services into one elegant network built on four principal elements: Infor ION Workflow, Infor ION Event Management, Infor ION Pulse, Infor Enterprise Search.

IT Sapiens

Business Intelligence

IT Sapiens Analytic Reporting Tool helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a Sugar BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup. The tool helps managing detailed data, with summary and pivot tables, all in real-time, and it has a variety of attractive and useful charts.

ON24 Webcast Elite

Productivity Tools

ON24 Webcast Elite gives you the power to create and deliver professional, media-rich and fully-branded audio and video webinars in just a few simple steps, right from your desktop.


Productivity Tools

PandaDoc is the complete solution for automating contracts, proposals, quotes, and other client-facing documents with ease. It increases sales productivity by reducing time spent looking for and creating, content such as proposals, one-pagers, contracts, etc.


Business Process Management

SierraCRM's Process Manager Enterprise is a SugarCRM add-on module that automates daily tasks associated with servicing and supporting customers. Its functionality enhance the creation of workflows in SugarCRM and enables your employees to spend less time managing data and more time focused on what’s important.


Integration / Migration

StarfishETL (Extract Transform Load) is a premiere import/export suite of tools that provides seamless data integration from one database to another - whether hosted, on-premises, or in the cloud. This system links multiple databases and systems with extreme flexibility, power, and speed, and delivers the insights to engage your customers and prospects on a whole new level. Starfish integration will help automate your business processes, expand your CRM functionality, and increase productivity so you can provide the greatest value to your customers.



SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution on the market. The company places the individual at the center of its solution, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and empowering them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience.


Business Intelligence

TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform enables organizations to unlock the inherent value of their collective relationship networks. 

XperiDo for Sugar

Content Management

XperiDo for Sugar is an extension to Sugar 8 to automate the creation of documents. It is the most complete solution to generate and deliver documents with dynamic and conditional content and formatting, in no more than a couple of clicks straight from any Sugar list view or record view. XperiDo is a server-side solution, that can run on prem, in a private cloud or in SaaS mode.



Zendesk is the leading provider of proven, cloud-based customer service software. It’s the fastest way for growing organizations to enable great customer service because it facilitates excellent one-on-one support to build out self-service options and proactive customer engagement. Zendesk’s goal is to enable customer relationships that are more personal and productive by streamlining support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations. This helps you get back to what matters most — better customer service and more meaningful conversations.