HubSpot Integration to Elevate Your Potential

Whether you use HubSpot for sales, marketing, or customer service, applying it as an automated tool creates innumerable benefits for your company. As a market leader, HubSpot provides many features to keep customers growing. However, integrating HubSpot with other business solutions can extend that potential even further.

Why Integrate HubSpot with TAI?

Technology Advisors, Inc. has considerable integration experience with HubSpot. Using our proprietary integration tool, we can connect your HubSpot to practically any other business solution, helping you do more with your data. Unite your HubSpot with your back office solutions, social media platforms, email, databases, and more. Bridge your locally installed applications and databases with a Cloud solution and even integrate through a firewall using StarfishETL’s flexible features.

HubSpot Integration Use Cases

HubSpot Sales Hub + ERP

Connect HubSpot with your ERP to better manage pipelines and eliminate duplicate data entry.

HubSpot Sales Hub + Email

Keep better track of the sales cycle through automated sending and archiving of email conversations.

HubSpot Sales Hub + eCommerce:

Eliminate lost sales and improve access to order and invoice histories when you connect CRM and eCommerce.

HubSpot Marketing Hub + Email

Stay on top of MQL and SQL opportunities by saving emails directly to your HubSpot Contact data.

HubSpot Marketing Hub + Zendesk

Upgrade your CX potential and streamline your customer service processes for happier clients.

HubSpot Integration with StarfishETL

StarfishETL is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution that uses low code strategies to integrate data between business systems. Consistently rated by G2 users as a high performer that’s easy to do business with, StarfishETL continues to challenge industry competitors and expand its market share. The solution is dynamic and can easily accommodate custom fields and functions. StarfishETL also offers a nice handful of integrations specific to HubSpot Sales Hub and Marketing Hub.