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CRM Planning

Effective planning is the foundation for a successful project. Technology Advisors follows an agile CRM planning methodology for the most comprehensive approach to CRM selection.

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CRM Non-Predictions

December 14, 2016

Sam’s office party interruption, Salesforce vs Microsoft comparison update, CRM requirements for sales management, self-implementing CRM, the cost of CRM professional services, preventing scope creep on flat rate engagements, quote to order to invoice, level of detail in CRM requirements, the…

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CRM Requirements for Sales Management

November 11, 2016

Which CRM requirements are crucial for sales management? Keep these categories in mind as you analyze the sales management capabilities of a CRM system.

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Mobile Garments

February 12, 2015

How specialization is occurring in everything from mobile apps to underwear. CRM requirements, the business value of podcasting and getting overwhelmed by online ads.

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