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Predictive analytics uses data mining, big data analytics, predictive modeling, AI, and machine learning to better inform sales, marketing, and services. Extrapolate trends from internal and external sources to build a more accurate model of your customers, provide a better customer experience, and improve sales & services.

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Predictive Analytics

What’s the Difference Between AI & Predictive Analytics?

March 29, 2021

At first glance, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics may seem to be one in the same. Both analytic strategies offer helpful marketing insights, but the extent of their capabilities differs greatly.

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AI vs. predictive analytics

3 Predictive Analytics for CRM

November 28, 2016

There is a gigantic and horrifying sea of predictive analytics research & theory out there – so much so that it could make your head spin. So, for the sake of sanity, let’s hone-in on three of the major predictive analytics types for CRM and how they can make you a smarter, savvier, sales…

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SugarCRM Moves Towards Predictive Analytics

March 8, 2016

SugarCRM announced their acquisition of Contastic last week. Contastic developed a platform for predictive analytics specific to sales relationships. By analyzing communications between sales and a contact, Contastic can recommend conversation starters and remind you when it’s time to reach out.

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Hawkish Warriors

June 20, 2015

After congratulating one another for the respective championship victories of the Hawks and the Warriors, Sam and Steve discuss CRM project management, the effectiveness of drip email, big data and predictive analytics.

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