GDPR & Infor CRM

What is Infor CRM doing to prepare its system for the GDPR? Let’s take a quick look at how Infor is approaching GDPR compliance and the steps its teams are taking to ensure success.

Best Practices for Tracking Lost Sales in Your CRM

When a sales rep closes an opportunity, she should always indicate the reason for the lost sale in the CRM system. Why? Management can help teams fill gaps and ultimately improve win rates by properly addressing the underlying issues behind these lost sales. Let’s look at some best practices for tracking lost sales in your CRM.

5 CRM Tools That Will Make the Management Part Effortless

We humans are used to managing things. We manage our time, our money, our deadlines, our family obligations – it’s exhausting! So, when we get the opportunity to simplify some of those management responsibilities, it’s worth a second look. TAI partners with tools that make the management of CRM data a little less daunting. The products I’ve listed below integrate with either Infor CRM, SugarCRM, or Salesforce. So, without further ado, here are five CRM tools that will make your management tasks effortless.

Infor CRM Tip: How to Find Specific Attachments

I recently helped a client who was looking for a solution that would enable him to find specific attachments quickly based on their intended use. For example, an Account might have several attachments associated with it, but the user may want to know which of those various attachments is being used for which specific purposes. A "specific purpose" might be something like a contract for the account, or a support agreement.

3 ways to use CRM to Enhance Your Marketing

You may not think of CRM as a marketing tool, but the information it provides can be extremely useful to a marketer. You could be utilizing some great features of CRM not only to enhance your marketing, but also make your life a little simpler – and goodness knows we all could use a little more simplicity! Here are 3 ways to use CRM to enhance your marketing:

Infor CRM 8.3 Out-of-the-Box Database Configuration

If you’ve switched to Infor CRM 8.3, or are planning to switch soon, be aware that you must configure your Eval database AND the blank database that comes with 8.3. Instructions can be found in your Implementation Guide. Here’s how to get to your Implementation Guide through the Infor Xtreme homepage:

Infor CRM V8.2 Picklist Defect, and How to Fix it!

If you have the new or upgraded Infor CRM 8.2.0 database, you may have noticed that adding & editing picklists causes an error. This is a defect in the system. The good news is, there’s a workaround – but don’t try this at home, kids! The procedure requires knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and/or Transact SQL, so if you’re not a database administrator, pass this along to someone who is so they can properly implement the changes.

Troubleshooting for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

I decided to try out the new Microsoft developer tools that come with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to get a feel for the software. When I downloaded the product, I received a web installer which in turn downloaded the necessary components and installed them. It was a somewhat slow install process. Once a good portion of the install completed, I was presented with the following error message:

How to Fix Connection Issues in External Facing Infor CRM Sites

Generally, on premise Infor CRM installations are set up as a combination of servers inside a company's network and behind a firewall. This configuration provides the tightest security by ensuring that each user is authenticated via VPN and Active Directory. Sometimes though, it might be necessary to set up an external facing CRM site to allow direct access via a simple login — in which case the VPN or network authentication would not be required. When a client of ours recently came to us with this request, we discussed the setup with them in detail and agreed upon the following configuration