Expert Marketing Tips for the Small Business Owner

Guest Post by: Kevin Gardner
Marketing and managing customer relations as a small business may seem a daunting and expensive task. But it doesn’t have to be so. The following expert tips specifically for a small business owner offer proven strategies you can apply immediately to start reaching out to your customers.

Blog with Expertise

In the present business world, virtually all forward-thinking businesses have adopted blogging. If you have been in business for the last few years, you likely have one. This marketing strategy is certainly a major way to use search engine optimization and best practices to start seeing your business grow. SEO is important, but a lot of business owners don’t understand that it can harm them if the links built aren’t clean links.

The Free Marketing Tools That Make My Life Easier

As a small business, we must sometimes get creative with our marketing. At our recent Chicago Sugar Workshop event, I highlighted the free marketing tools that make my life easier, hoping a few of my “secret weapon” resources might help our customers too. Here’s a recap of what I shared with them:

For Social Media

Staying active on social media is one of the simplest things a marketer can do for brand awareness. But, if you work with a small team, it’s not always easy generating enough content to fill the queue. This is where a tool like comes in. lets you share someone else’s content, but still promote and drive traffic to your brand by overlaying your own call-to-action (CTA).