Creatio users have access to a business process management (bpm) tool called the Process Designer for streamlining their internal processes. Using the Process Designer, users can effectively create and manage processes, oversee their execution, and analyze their overall effectiveness.

The Process Designer can be used for any process. For instance, for assigning leads using round-robin assignments across specific departments, or to automate the sales cold-nurturing process. In the second instance, a process could be used to create calls for a user depending on the call outcome, then send the contact an email, and even pre-fill in a ‘description’ of why the call or email was sent (“Call was created via cold Call Nurturing process”.).

Although Creatio’s processes can be used for some complex use cases, we can also create many simple processes to help eliminate manual work for users.

One common process we’ve seen requested is to automatically assign record [type] by default when creating a new record in Creatio.

Let’s use the financial services industry for our example. A bank in the beginning stages of implementing a CRM uses more than one system to maintain memberships. This membership information is imported into Creatio via integration. However, the bank still needs to collect and store non-member data. Without the system automatically assigning record types, users must choose the ‘Type’ of record manually based on these pre-defined entity types:

  • Member
  • Non-Member
  • Branch (Our Bank)
  • All

These are tedious steps just to create a new record. Instead, we can create a simple process that pre-populates the record type as ‘Non-Member’. Here’s how that could be set up:

Step #1: Open the Process Designer.

Step #2: Name your process. Remember, the naming convention here is critical. You want other system administrators to know exactly what the process does without ever having to open the process.

Step #3: Now building the rest of this process is simple! Drag the [Open Edit Page] element to the canvas.

Select the page to open (Accounts), edit mode (Add New record), and set the default values to the fields (Type= Non-Member). Once completed, save your process.

Step #4: Using the [Expanded List] action in the list-view configuration, select the list you want users to add. In this use case, [+] is found within the non-member tab. Using the action items, select [Run Process], then select the process you just saved. Once completed, save.

The result is simple: every single time a user selects a [+], the page will automatically populate the Type of [Non-Member].

For more information on how to automate your business processes, contact your Technology Advisors success manager.

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