As a marketer, it is essential to be able to pinpoint which leads you need to be reaching out to in a timely manner. Sugar Market is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your communication channels, create effective content, and deliver the best version of your campaigns. Approximately 80% of marketers see an increase in leads due to the efficiency of their marketing automation. With a tool like Sugar Market powering your initiatives, you have some awesome resources at your fingertips. Here are a few valuable features of Sugar Market that can help enhance your marketing efforts.

#1 Dashboards

Dashboards are one of the most valuable features within Sugar Market. With Dashboards, you have the ability to configure different ‘views’ to analyze and gain insights on all your marketing efforts. There are a few different dashboards included within your Sugar Market account:

Global Dashboard: Global Dashboard is the first dashboard you see when analyzing your data; it’s also commonly known as your ‘home page’. With dashboards, you can simply drag and drop your cards to show you want your overall dashboard to appear. Cards are visual, customizable reports that you create for your dashboard. You can choose to show data based on weekly, monthly, or even quarterly records. This is a great way to verify how well your marketing efforts are doing overtime.

<em>SugarCRM Global Dashboard </em>

By clicking on the individual cards, you can choose to oversee the overall analysis of the data shown, and identify different properties shared about the visitor.

Use Case: For example, let’s say you are a brand-new IT consulting company. Your overall goal is to be able to produce your own leads vs. your vendors or partners handing you leads. You begin to focus primarily on revising your marketing strategy.  This will allow you to better understand why you are not producing your own leads, and changes that need to occur to get your company’s name out there. You decide to host a webinar and target smaller companies that want to grow, marketing all the current success of your consultation projects. After the webinar, you notice a few companies reaching out to you for a possible consultation.

To test your new marketing strategy, you decide to analyze the source of where the leads are coming from.  In Sugar Market, you can view the exact source.

By clicking on the top right-hand corner of the dashlet card, you can view detailed information about the new lead that you just collected. This information includes the email address, the account they are associated with, and the date and time in which the lead was created.

<em>Lead Example in Sugar</em>

#2 Scoring Summary

Your customers’ lead scores are a key asset when deciding which leads are ready for your product or service. For marketers, your contact’s scoring summary will help you determine which leads are ‘sold’ on your product or service vs. leads that still need a bit more time.

Scores are assigned in different ways. Whether they are assigned through the lead’s overall engagement or activity, their score is defined through different conditions that you set, that they have then met.

To properly utilize this tool in Sugar Market, you must first define your ideal customer profile. This is a profile of an individual that would be a ‘perfect’ example of someone who has successfully gone through each step of your sales/marketing process and is ripe to turn from a prospect into a customer. Once those profiles are defined, create a list of each prospect’s biggest ‘steppingstone’. Which step within the path initiates an increase in the prospect’s score?

Use Case: For example, let’s say you are a new YouTube lifestyle vlogger, and recently, you posted a vlog on how you organize your pantry. Consumer engagement is key in building your success.  You could create an attribute which gives a visitor 10 points every time they ‘like’ a new YouTube video that is posted on your page. Being able to identify those prospects will allow you to analyze the type oof customers that are interested in your content. How did they find your page? Have they visited often? Are they subscribed to your channel?

#3 Nurturing

The overall goal of lead nurturing is to build long term relationships with your prospects. Sugar Market’s lead nurturing tool lets you keep a conversation going with your prospects, however, in an automated format.

Look at your current prospects: how often are your marketers reaching out to them? How much of their day is strictly spent on just reaching out to the potential customer? Sugar Market allows you to create a process that includes the overall automated conversation between you and your customer, step by step. The first step, of course, is to define your process. What path do you want prospects to take?

Use Case: Say you are in the banking industry and you want your list of prospects to receive a new promotional email highlighting your “open a new account, receive $200 in credit” promotion. By identifying a path that those customers should take, you can start to see patterns of their engagement and interest. Within Sugar Market, you can create an exact process that defines how the communication with those prospects should evolve based on their engagement with the campaign.

<em>Sugar Drip Campaign</em>

Overall, Sugar Market’s features can help make you marketers lives a lot easier. To learn how your sales team can benefit from these tools, visit our blog post on Sugar Sell here!

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