There are over 3 billion social media users worldwide. As a consumer, think about how many times a day you log into your social media platforms. What type of content are you looking into? How many times does a social media post influence your decision to buy a product or service? As a marketer, posting creative content is one thing but being able to maintain your platforms is just as crucial. That’s where Oktopost comes in. Let’s dive into this Sugar Market add-on and what makes it so powerful.

What is Oktopost?

Oktopost is a social media management add-on to Sugar Market. It allows you to effectively manage all your content against your social media platforms using automation.

Users can not only manage their content with Oktopost but also track their performance and integrate their social media analytics within their Sugar Market platform. Through the organization and analytics Oktopost provides, marketers can gain a full understanding of their social media efforts.

How Powerful is Oktopost truly?

Oktopost allows user to not only manage their social media content, but it also offers extensive tips and tricks to build an automated system. This will allow your marketing users to focus more on creating and disseminating effective content. Here are some of the features of Oktopost that make it so powerful.

Automate your Posting Process

In many circumstances, marketing teams have an approval process they must follow to post social media content. Using Oktopost, marketing managers can build a single or multi-step approval process directly in the system.

This approval process, also known as workflows, is set based on pre-defined requirements that each marketing user must meet to post content. Your workflow can have one step or multiple steps. Not only that, but your workflow can also allow you to set multiple approvers as well.  One neat thing about Oktopost’s workflow is the ability to not only send posts for approval but also send messages to the approver to review prior to posting. Neat, right? Another great automation feature within Oktopost is the ability to use Autoposter. Using Autoposter, your marketing teams can easily schedule their message to be posted across all your social media profiles. Within the Autoposter, you can set a certain schedule for your messages to be posted or add your messages within a queue.

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Save Time, Use Templates

Thinking about your current messages, how often are you using the same message template with minor tweaks? Oktopost’s message assets allow you to pre-create posts as templates, that way you can use them anytime. Remember, each social media platform has a different voice, so write your templates with that in mind.

Create your Content Advocates

How many views are you receiving on each of your current platforms? How much of your content is really being found? One of the strongest forms of marketing is word-of-mouth. In fact, a recent study stated that word-of-mouth is responsible for 13% of all the sales within your company. Advocacy boards in Oktopost are a great way for you to share content with specific users who are willing to engage with your content. With advocacy boards, you can set a place where your users can directly pick and choose which content they want to share. People who are engaged with your brand can share all your content found within this board quickly. 


Managing your social media platforms can be stressful, but with Oktopost, you can minimize the stress and put your energy towards keeping in contact with your followers. Using streams, also known as your activity feed, your marketing team can view the content that has been shared, commented on, or liked. Not only that, but your team can also directly communicate with their followers without having to log into the individual social channels. This makes managing multiple channels easier than ever.

Analytics Overview

With all the great features of Sugar Market’s integration with Oktopost, what good would it do if you couldn’t report on and visually track your marketing efforts? Not to worry, because the analytics are all there with Oktopost. Users can track how many leads are converted based on posts and track visitor engagements across all campaigns. Users can also track their audience to identify follower trends, the demographics of followers, where they are coming from, and even what devices they use the most. Along with the basic content analytics overview, Oktopost helps teams understand how well posts are really performing so they can adjust what they are posting and get rid of content that isn’t as strong. Remember your advocacy board? You can view data on that, too. Who are your top advocates? Who isn’t sharing your content as much? How can you reengage them?

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If you are using Sugar Market, consider how your current social media process is tying in. How much time are you spending on your social media content and overall management? Can your current process be improved? Oktopost can extend the analytics and scheduling of Sugar Market to streamline your social media marketing and keep everyone aligned on the same metrics. For more information on using Sugar Market and Oktopost, contact us at

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