Sugar List View Dashlets have functionality to filter and show only records that are related to the record currently being viewed. This functionality only works when editing the Intelligence Panel for a Detail View. Doing this allows me to create a customized view of the data associated to the record I'm viewing. For example, I could see Open Cases or Opportunities related to the Account I'm looking. In addition, I can choose which fields I can see in the list view.

To use this functionality, edit your Dashboard, click Add a Row, Add a Sugar Dashlet, and find List View in the list of available Dashlets. From here, select the Module and columns you want to see, select or create a filter and click the "Relate to current record" checkbox. A dropdown, Linked field, will appear. Normally this contains one value, but sometimes you may have to choose the correct relationship. Sugar has step by step instructions here.

This will result in some very useful dashlets:

Versus trying to read from the subpanels:

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