Creatio’s application Marketplace is full of great apps and templates that can help you quickly accelerate the setup of your Creatio instance. Most of the time, you can install applications directly into your Creatio site in just a few clicks! In this post, I’ll explain how to do that. 

Installing Applications from Creatio’s Marketplace

First, log in to your Creatio application. This will save you from having to do so later in the process. 

Next, go to and log in. 

This is not your login to your specific Creatio site; rather, this is a login specific to resources on Creatio’s sites. 

If you don’t already have a login, it’s easy and free to sign up. If you’ve already created a login for Creatio’s Academy or Community sites, that login should work for the Marketplace as well. 

Then, search through the many applications for something helpful or interesting that you’d like to try! You can search by keyword, category, industry, product compatibility, and cost. Click on anything that sounds interesting for a full description of what the application does, screenshots and/or videos of how it works, pricing, and documentation. 

marketplace homepage

When you’ve found an application you want to install, click the red Install button. 

step 1

Enter the URL of your Creatio site, accept any agreements necessary, and then click the orange Install button. 

Note: We recommend first installing an unknown application into your sandbox/development site, before installing it in your production site. This will allow you to test it out and make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of your existing configurations and customizations. 

enter your Creatio site

Next, your Creatio site will load with information about the application to be installed. Click the blue Install button to give final confirmation that you want to install the app. You can verify the URL in your website address bar to make sure you are installing it in the correct site. 

Install the application

When the installation is complete, you’ll see a success message. Check the documentation for the application (back on Marketplace, usually under the Installation tab) to see if any additional setup is needed. 

successfully downloaded
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