We are all living in a mobile world and all we want is to quickly and easily access all the information we can possibly get, right at our fingertips. That's not too much to ask, right?

Sage SalesLogix Mobile is quick and easy to use, as it is built on next generation web application technology. Because Sage uses its Sdata web service to communicate directly with your main database, there is no syncing of data necessary. I'm definitely not the most technical person in the world, or anywhere close, but I do know that not having to sync definitely speeds things up. Plus, with a single URL to access your data, end-user installation is not required.

I recently watched a demo of the new Sage SalesLogix Mobile v1.2 and here are my favorite/most useful take-aways:

  • Enhanced productivity
    • Improved visibility
      • Single-press pick lists and lookups
        • No more multiple clicks to validate actions
        • More of a "click" and "go" approach
      • "Clear" button on text fields = No more backspacing
    • Faster data entry/lookups
      • Custom keyboard for URLs, Email and Phone data entry
        • Example - A ".com" button exists when you're typing URLs
      • Faster search with hash tags (Sdata handles hash tag queries)
        • Example - Opportunity: "#closed ab" --> Closed opportunities where name starts with "ab"
    • Localized for multiple languages (French, German, Italian, Russian)
      • Multi-lingual support through single portal
  • Calendar Improvements
    • New week view
    • Month view shows activity count and selected day details
SalesLogix Mobile

What else would you like to see in SalesLogix mobile?

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