SugarCRM has accelerated updates to its product suite in the past few years. In 2019 the company made waves by introducing Sugar Sell, Serve, and Market. Now they’re shaking things up yet again.  Recently, in an effort to help improve customer satisfaction and retention, Sugar began sending customer surveys to gather feedback and suggestions. While reviewing and evaluating the feedback, there were overwhelming responses around the lack of updates or investments in the Professional and Enterprise platforms. 

Taking heed of the feedback provided, Sugar decided to make updates to its product suite. They’ve begun implementing a conversion project known as ‘Project Constellation’ effective by April 2022. Project Constellation focuses on two separate—but related—activities which will upgrade current customers to Sugar’s New Sell Advanced platform. All customers on these software editions will be converted after the version 12.0 release. 

Sugar is investing in Enterprise and Professional platforms and elevating the software. In doing so, they have also relaunched and renamed their software offerings. Sugar’s New Sell Editions are: Premier, Advanced, and Essential. The new Sell Editions are for Cloud offerings, not on-premises deployments. In this blog, we’ll answer some of our customer’s biggest questions about this change. 

Who is affected by this change?

Sugar will be deploying this conversion in two related activities:

  • SugarCloud Enterprise and Professional customers will be converted to Sell Advanced
  • On-Premises Professional customers will be converted to SugarCloud Enterprise

Why is this change occurring?

Sugar is offering New Sell Editions to give customers more for less, simplify the buying process, and create an easy path to grow. 

  1. Giving customers more for less allows customers to enjoy capabilities without the cost of additional add-ons.
  2. Simplifying the buying process allows customers to quickly and easily compare which edition would work best for their company.
  3. Creating an easy path to grow allows customers to easily progress to the next edition as their company needs changes and scales. It also makes it easier to access additional features and capabilities they may require. 

How will Project Constellation Affect Licensing?

Cloud Enterprise or Cloud Professional Licensing will no longer be available; however, all functionalities and customizations will remain the same. 

Storage allocations will remain the same. Customers converted to Sell Advanced will keep their current storage levels. Storage will not default to the new structure.  

How complicated is this upgrade? How long will it take?

Sugar has ensured all partners that this upgrade will be a seamless process. Project Constellation will be  similar to any other new upgrade release. A Beta conversion was deployed in February 2022 and was successful with positive customer feedback. The conversion will be begin after the version 12 release, which is set for late April 2022 to May 2022.

As with any upgrade, Sandbox testing is recommended. If any issues are found, please report as soon as possible so TAI can assist with support. 

What will this upgrade to Sell offer that my old Sugar did not? What changes can I expect with Sugar Sell?

Converted Sell Advanced customers will not lose any features or capabilities when they become Sell Advanced. Sell Advanced customers will only gain additional features and capabilities once converted. Customers have the option to ‘hide’ any features they prefer not to use. 

My New Features: Links 

SugarCloud Professional to Sell Advanced

SugarCloud Enterprise to Sell Advanced  

Will additional costs be incurred with the upgrade to Sell?

There is no additional cost to convert to Sell Advanced. Project Constellation is being completed at no additional cost to current SugarCloud Professional, SugarCloud Enterprise, and On-Premises Professional customers. 

Standard uplifts will apply at Subscription Renewal time. Lower uplifts are available for longer contract term periods.   

Click here for reference to Sugar’s Policy

What are the differences between the New Sell Editions?

Sell Premier is a superior SFA platform for large, high-sales volume organizations, with sophisticated CRM requirements. Sell Premier gives organizations  powerful process management capabilities to standardize their sales methodology and streamline internal processes. Sell Premier includes the capabilities of Sugar’s Customer Journey Plug-in, Sugar Connect, Sugar Discover, Sugar Hint, and wMaps. 

Sell Advanced is a powerful SFA platform for medium, moderate-sales volume organizations, with advanced CRM requirements. Sell Advanced includes integrated AI capabilities, guiding reps on which leads and opportunities to prioritize because they are more likely to convert and close. Sell Advanced can easily be customized and integrate numerous add-ons to fit any companies’ needs. 

Sell Essentials is a robust, stand-alone SFA tool for small, low-sales volume organizations, with growing CRM requirements. Sell Essential customers have no add-on requirements, no AI or complex forecasting needs. The company is self-sufficient and can easily move to Sell Advanced as their requirements change. 

Capability Sell PremierSell AdvancedSell Essentials
Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, & Pipeline ManagementXXX
Reporting and AnalyticsXXX
Quote and Subscription ManagementXXX
Omni-Channel CommunicationsXXX
Business Process ManagementXXX
Intelligent Lead & Opportunity PrioritizationXX
Guided Selling and Workflow AutomationXOptional
Data Enrichment and News SourcingXOptional
Mail + Calendar IntegrationXOptional
Geo MappingXOptional
Advanced Forecasting & Pipeline InsightsX

Can I still purchase Sugar Add-On items to my subscription?

Some add-on features will still be available for purchase, however other features will only be available as part of a Sugar Sell Edition.  Advanced Forecasting & Pipeline Insights (Sugar Discover) is only available with Sell Premier. 

Sugar Customer Journey Plug-in (CJP), Sugar Connect, Sugar Hint, and Sugar wMaps are the only add-on features that can be purchased separately with Sell Advanced and On-Premise Enterprise Subscriptions. 

What is the pricing for the New Sell Editions?

Sell PremierSell AdvancedSell Essentials
Price (User/Month)$135​$80​$49​
User LimitationMin 10​Min 3​Max 5, Min 3​
Storage60GB (30DB, 30FS)​30GB (15DB, 15FS)​14GB (7DB, 7FS)​
Extra Storage per user.5GB FS; .5GB DB​.25GB FS; .25GB DB​Optional​
ExtensibilityYes​Yes​No out-of-the-box integration with Market, Serve​
Add-OnsYes​Yes​Not Supported​

Can I upgrade to Sell Premier?

Absolutely! While customers may upgrade to Sell Premier from Sell Advanced, mixed subscriptions are not allowed under one account. A customer cannot purchase 10 Sell Advanced License and 5 Sell Premier License under the same account. Only one Sell Edition can be purchased. 

If you have additional questions about these updates and changes, please reach out to your customer success manager. 

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