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In this episode, Sam and Steve discuss the benefits of podcasting for marketing versus blogging, based on data showing more people per podcast than per blog. It then covers a survey showing that most marketers are using at least some AI to generate blog content, with the risk of too much AI hurting search rankings.

Sam and Steve agree AI is best for outlines and some after-the-fact SEO optimization, while human-written content ranks better. They discuss various uses of AI in marketing, like generating content sections, outlines, titles/descriptions, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, images, presentations, and videos.

Key takeaways are that AI is extremely helpful for accelerating content creation and distribution but should be used carefully and edited by humans for the best results. The hosts emphasize keeping human-created, original text for critical content like blogs.

They note AI content lacks nuance and sounds formulaic if not edited. Data shows that human-optimized content ranks better in search.

Other topics include using AI for sales enablement assets, contracts, policies, CRM, training, and deflecting questions.

AI is great for outlines, titles, descriptions, and images, but human creativity is essential for resonance and ranking.
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About the Hosts

Sam Biardo

Sam founded Technology Advisors in 1991 to help businesses improve sales, marketing and customer service performance. Representing some of the top CRM products in the world, Technology Advisors has since grown to include the full range of CRM services--business advisory, implementation, customization, training and support. Sam’s 35 years of experience in both the business and technical sides of Customer Relationship Management make him a proven expert in this field. Sam the co-author of “Getting Started with SugarCRM”. He is on the partner advisory board of a half-dozen CRM companies. 

Steve Chipman

Steve has been working with CRM technologies since 1999. He and the team at his previous company helped hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries find success with a number of CRM applications, including SalesLogix, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, and Salesforce. In 2013, Steve shifted his focus, co-founding a vendor neutral consulting practice called CRM Switch. CRM Switch helps companies become more successful with sales, marketing, and customer service technologies, no matter which vendor they ultimately select. Steve is the primary author of the blog at CRMSwitch.com, which was rated a “Top 20 CRM Blog for 2015” by CRM Buyer.