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In their CRM Talk podcast, Technology Advisors Inc. co-founder Sam Biardo and CRM Switch co-founder Steve Chipman discuss everything CRM – from the latest releases, to trends in the market, and the future of business technology. Sam and Steve have a combined expertise of 45+ years in the industry, and they bring that expertise to the table in these informative & fun podcast episodes. Join these two experts as they interview technology influencers, banter about recent software news, and give valuable advice for streamlining data & improving business processes. Available for free on the iTunes Store.

Sugar Cubed CRM Talk

Follow the Sugar Cubed CRM Talk podcast where we discuss everything Sugar. Bringing together Justin's experience as a developer with Megan's background training users and administrators, Megan and Justin discuss their current projects, talk with special guests, and preview what to expect in future Sugar releases. With information for Admins, Developers and Users, subscribe today on iTunes or to learn how to get the most from your CRM investment.

July 16, 2018
Sam and Steve talk with Joel Schneider, president of Liberty Technology Advisors, about what should be behind proper ERP selection and implementation processes. Joel answers the question, “is cloud-based ERP as easy as the vendors would lead you to believe?” Joel also addresses many of the factors that people within any organization need to consider before making a decision on an ERP vendor—whether the vendor’s offering is cloud or on-premises. Listen to this Podcast
June 21, 2018
Sam and Steve test-drive Zencastr, Pipedrive raises $50 million, should smaller vendors be “taking on” the big CRM vendors or is there a better strategy? Listen to this Podcast
June 2, 2018
The GDPR is in effect, Salesforce earnings, CRM industry growth, data augmentation, CRM and AI, GDPR and ABM, un-gating content, conditional CTA visibility by country, the ultimate objective comparison between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, image size and SEO, website conversion actions, the FBI’s instruction to reboot your router, Alexa privacy fail, bpm’online’s conference and roadmap, their 15 use cases for AI, AI’s potential for sandbagging detection and for booking travel. Listen to this Podcast
April 20, 2018
GDPR will take effect in just over a month. Ian Gotts of Elements.Cloud returns to discuss GDPR with Sam and Steve. Listen to this Podcast
March 30, 2018
Sam’s new hip parts, his plan to #DeleteFacebook, messing with Facebook’s algorithm, cleaning up LinkedIn letter by letter, Salesforce’s purchase of MuleSoft, what acquisitions mean for the Salesforce ecosystem, vanishing best of breed in the CRM industry, Salesforce’s small business moves, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 strategy of combining acquisitions, product groupings, Microsoft’s impressive seasonal release documentation, Microsoft Office 365 upgrades to Dynamics, Sam’s GDPR webinar series, the need for a public documented & auditable processes, GDPR policy statement template, recordin Listen to this Podcast
February 23, 2018
CRM Switch named a Top 10 CRM Blog for 2017 by CRMBuyer, GDPR compliance in the context of CRM and marketing automation, blockchain and GDPR compliance. Listen to this Podcast
January 17, 2018
A discussion about the various CRM review sites. How they work and how to use them. Listen to this Podcast
December 18, 2017
Sam and Steve deconstruct some of the common questions that are included in CRM RFPs and RFIs. They suggest some ways in which a better outcome can be achieved for the CRM buyer. Listen to this Podcast
November 20, 2017
In this episode, we’re joined by Daryn Reif of CRM Switch, who specializes in vendor independent CRM planning and selection. We are also joined by Craig Smith of Liberty Technology Advisors, whose company provides vendor independent ERP selection services. We discuss the respective recommended selection processes, including differences and similarities. Listen to this Podcast