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Unite sales and marketing around a single, optimized funnel. Salesfusion bridges the divide between sales and marketing by offering a unique SaaS marketing automation solution that empowers both teams, unites them around common data, and maximizes lead conversion.
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Infographic: The Secrets to Email Marketing Unveiled

Email marketing isn't going anywhere soon. It requires an ever-evolving approach to remain effective. Marketers need to be conscious of target buyers' changing needs while adapting to advances in technology that impact how they are reached. Industry statistics can serve as a good starting benchmark while you fine tune your operations.

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration eBook

SiriusDecisions recently shared that companies can drive 5-36% growth simply through alignment. To facilitate the alignment, it is essential for marketing automation platforms to be integrated with the sales CRM.

Cleveland Cavaliers Case Study

The Cleveland Cavaliers are kicked off their 2013 NBA season with a new key player. Salesfusion was called to the court to help the Cavs reach their primary marketing goals – increase ticket sales and enhance fan experiences.

Lead to Revenue Management

One of the key benefits to using marketing automation software is the ability to connect marketing and sales to facilitate the direct tracking of revenue inside of your CRM. Salesfusion is a pioneer in creating a direct line of sight from the marketing automation system to Opportunity Management inside of your CRM system.

Email Marketing Solutions

Salesfusion's email marketing solutions deliver drip and trigger-based campaigns, HTML templates, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, and advanced deliverability tools.

Lead Capture

Salesfusion allows you to leverage your existing web forms, assign lead owners to web form leads, and add leads to pre-built trigger email campaigns. Map form field responses to your CRM, cookie leads, and view analytics on your website visitor tracking screens.

Website Visitor Tracking

WebForensics provides valuable information regarding companies and individual visitors who have hit your site. The WebForensics data enables you to drive critical marketing processes such as lead scoring, sales lead alerts, and nurture marketing campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Using LeadAnalyzer™, you can build multiple lead scoring models at contact and account levels, create leads, tasks, and opportunities from scores, alert sales when leads score into a group, and much more. Customize your scoring models and alerts to fit your needs

Event Management

Create both online and offline events, integrate with the leading virtual webinar platforms, automate your nurture campaigns and create easy & seamless event registrations. Then, use the advanced analytics and tracking for ROI analysis and promote your event on social networks.

Social Marketing

Enjoy the flexibility of social publishing, sharing, analytics, and profiles. Track your most popular content from social networks and see who your strongest advocates are by what they post and share.

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns offline (print, mass media) or online (PPC, ads, social, email), along with your campaign spend. Link your campaign respondents to your CRM opportunity stage, generate PURLs for direct mail, and create QR codes.

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