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Read below for a quick overview of CRM planning.


Every software project should begin with requirements gathering. This is the process of documenting the exact outcome desired from implementing the new software. Requirements are the first step in successful CRM selection and implementation. Technology Advisors defines your requirements by:

  1. Listening to your challenges and pinpointing the underlying cause of those challenges
  2. Listening to your goals for software implementation
  3. Asking the right questions to help you realize the requirements necessary to achieve those goals
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Scoping and ROI

CRM project scoping is essential for a successful implementation, and it's relevant to small and large projects alike. Scoping increases success rates for smaller projects and helps break down larger projects into more manageable pieces.

When it comes to assessing product features, ROI analysis and ranking help determine which product will be the best fit. Ranking features forces teams to focus on what’s important to them, so the shiny objects shown in a sales demo won't distract from an objective analysis. 

Evaluating ROI also helps you budget wisely. Just because something can be automated, doesn’t mean it should be automated. TAI use ROI analysis as part of an initial process, combining it with our strategic planning process to make sure you get the best return on your software investment.

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When you select on your own, you begin by whittling away the broadest options until you finally come to a handful of potential fits. TAI narrows those options faster using the more unbiased approach of our customized selection process. We help you scope, rank, and determine ROI for what is important, and we keep your company focused on what you really need, not dogs and ponies.

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