4 Reasons Creatio Rocks for Customer Management

They started rockin’ and ain’t never gonna stop…being customer orientated, that is. Unlike the band Foreigner, Creatio has CRM in their eyes and lots of it. With the mission to boost customer business efficiency, this cloud-based software prides itself in managing the complete customer journey. Unlike traditional CRMs, Creatio is process-driven, meaning they focus on nailing down the processes first and then evolve data to work inside those processes. This way, the process manages the data, not the other way around. Here are four reasons Creatio rocks for customer management.

4 CRM Tips for Faster Sales Onboarding

Ahhhhh, that new rep smell. Naturally, when you hire a new sales person, you’d like to onboard him as quickly as possible. A learning curve is inevitable, but there are CRM tricks you can use to speed up the time around the curve and get him engaging and selling faster. Try these four CRM tips for faster sales onboarding.

Use the Power of Reports

Unless you recently added a new position, your incoming rep is probably replacing someone who left or retired. Use the leftover data to your advantage by building out CRM reports for him to review when he first logs in. What are the trends in customer purchase histories? How many deals have been won and lost?  Think about what he needs to know to hit the ground running. Here are a few examples of reports you should consider:

5 Innovative Ways to Automate Your Sales Processes [GUEST POST]

Businesses that want to survive in the ever-growing competitive markets where technological solutions are changing faster than ever — faster than many businesses can keep up with — need to be on the forefront of adopting new technologies. By the time a new software solution has been implemented, technology could easily have moved on. Under this intense pace of innovation, a lot of business owners are becoming paralyzed by fears of making the wrong investment choices.

3 Ways to Improve Sales Team Transparency

Transparency is more than just a business buzz word. It’s a catalyst for communication and accountability throughout an organization. Transparency is the key to 360 degree views of what’s happening, collaboration between all departments, and a real understanding of what’s going on throughout the sales cycle. So how can you improve sales team transparency? Here are three ways:

Taking CRM to the Next Level

Congrats! Your sales team is successfully leveraging your CRM system to manage their leads, develop their pipeline and increase sales. But what happens after the sale?

What happens when the order is placed?
When the order is shipped?
When the services are delivered?
When the invoice is sent?
When the money is collected (or sometimes when it isn't)?

What happens when the customer has an issue?
When they want a different product or more services?

All these customer actions/interactions happen, yet often they aren't captured in any system. Or perhaps, they're captured in multiple systems, databases, or spreadsheets that aren't tied together, or "integrated".