Marketing and managing customer relations as a small business may seem a daunting and expensive task. But it doesn’t have to be so. The following expert tips specifically for a small business owner offer proven strategies you can apply immediately to start reaching out to your customers.

Blog with Expertise

In the present business world, virtually all forward-thinking businesses have adopted blogging. If you have been in business for the last few years, you likely have one. This marketing strategy is certainly a major way to use search engine optimization and best practices to start seeing your business grow. SEO is important, but a lot of business owners don’t understand that it can harm them if the links built aren’t clean links.

However, you need to remember that blogs are only part of the strategy for accelerating your business. Frequency alone is not enough, there must be quality. Many businesses fail because they choose frequency over quality. In marketing, content is king.

Mobile Takeover

Mobile technology already has a significant impact on marketing strategies. In 2017, studies showed that 95 percent of Americans had mobile devices and almost all of them received and sent text messages. How can you win a chunk of this huge market? Create a well-developed mobile marketing strategy. You can use a wide variety of SMS marketing services online to do this.

Try Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has several on-target benefits. As a small business owner, you need a marketing tactic that will help you to be targeted with your marketing efforts with limited resources. PPC can help you realize this, especially when your products and services are location specific. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a practical way to dip your toe into the online marketing world without putting a lot of your resources at risk. You can target your effort and your dollars to specific customers and control how much you will spend on this.

This marketing tip allows you to control your budget to guarantee results. Remember, you only pay those who click your ads. Once they have clicked, your ads become more visible online. What’s more, PPC also allows some form of conversion tracking. This helps you discover how your new visits are interacting with your business.

Get Involved in Your Local Community

Getting involved at a local level is another budget-conscious business marketing idea. You can do this through volunteering, offering fundraiser nights, hosting networking events, or any other practical ways.

In the process of these activities, you increase your own brand awareness and provide a valuable networking opportunity that might otherwise never have existed. For the long-term, you increase the odds of other local websites mentioning your business or the activities that you engage in. And this could provide Google with valuable signals to improve the appearance of your business in the coveted Google local search results. In the long run, you could gain more customers for a long period.

Give Away Valuable Items

Your audience will appreciate it if you give them some valuable items for free. If you don’t have a product or service, you can still give expert tips. The idea is to ensure your prospects find some value from your brand. For example, Nu Skin, a reputable international company selling skin and nutritional products, uses this strategy. If you look at Nu Skin reviews, you will find most customers who feel value from a brand are highly likely to become their long-term customers.

The value can be projected in the kind of advice you give. It’s great to offer tips related to the type of business or service you offer. Think of as many different ways as you can make your customers' lives easier and give them the appropriate support.

If you use CRM to manage customer relationships, you may be able to harness its data for ideas. What problems has your product or service solved for your customers? Do you have a lot of customers in a specific industry? Offering tips and strategies geared toward a demographic’s pain points provides value and positions you as a thought leader. This will help to boost your business image and will give you credibility as a professional in that particular business field. 

These marketing tips serve as a great starting point. Now it’s up to you to start to implement these and watch your business grow!

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