Usually, the Creatio account page has the necessary layout to cover most of the information that should be recorded at the account level for different types of accounts. In some situations however, it might be necessary to create separate account pages based on a condition like the account type.

In this example, we needed to create a separate page for an account whose type was "Competitor". Creating this is easy using the section wizard. Once set up correctly, it will show up as its own standalone account page in Creatio.

Creatio account type

It is simple now to just go ahead and add the necessary fields, but there might be important "modules" related to the base account page that do not show. One such example is the Contact Profile area which displays the primary contact on an account.

These modules are different from fields in that they are entire modules that have a set of fields and functionality all in one self-contained unit. Adding such a module cannot be done directly by dragging and dropping on to the page because it is not a simple field. So, the area below will look empty until we have a way to incorporate this module.

Empty Module in Creatio

What we need to do next is to reference this module in a way similar to the base account page and then add it to the layout. This can be done without too much difficulty via a little code.

The good news is that all the main code to handle the primary contact functionality is already built into the module. All we have to do is reference it correctly so that it shows up on our custom account page.

To do this, open the page in the designer and go to the "Source Code" tab. Then look for the "modules" area and add the following code to reference the prebuilt Creatio module:

Creatio source code

Next, in the "Diff" area, add the following element which will add the module to the screen to the container that represents the left portion of the screen.

Creatio left portion of screen

Once this is done, save the page and re-open the custom account page for an account record. The primary contact module shows up nicely on the left of our new record.

Creatio primary contact module

Hit the "Search" link to make sure the functionality works and select an existing contact. Once properly selected the contact should show up in the left hand side as expected.

primary contact module test
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