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How to Install Sugar Connect on Office 365

Sugar Connect is SugarCRM’s Outlook 365 email integration product. Connecting Outlook to Sugar provides multiple benefits for the user, allowing them to access CRM information from their email sidebar, sync and access shared calendars, and much more.

We’ve noticed that a few of our customers were having trouble installing the Sugar Connect module, so here are some simple instructions to get it working:


STEP 1: When installing Sugar Connect on Office 365, it’s sometimes hard for users to navigate the maze of setup menus to get to the correct location. Have them try this URL instead. 
Once there, Choose “Add from a URL”.

Sugar Connect add from a URL

STEP 2: Paste in this URL

STEP 3: Install!

STEP 4: It takes a few minutes to show up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously had Collabspot Connect installed, you will need to uninstall the add-in before you install Sugar Connect.


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Justin Kuehlthau
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