If you’re launching a new Creatio instance, you will most likely need to set up or load a fairly large list of users. Since most of the basic data of a user is usually available in some sort of spreadsheet, it makes sense to export the list from one of your existing systems and then bulk import them into Creatio. After this, it is easy to make the necessary security updates to the user profiles on a user-by-user basis. Today we’ll talk about importing users to Creatio and explain what to do if you run into a password issue during this process.

At the minimum, you would want to set up a user with their name, their email, and an initial password.

For this, we first need to set up an Excel file whose layout would look like this:

Creatio user Excel file
  • Make sure the user's login is a unique value like an email address or other unique login code
  • For new users, an initial password must be set so that they can login with that initial password (manually provided to the user)
  • The Reset Password value of YES will ensure that the user is forced to change the password upon update

Once the file has the necessary columns and data, use the Creatio data import tool to import the file. Make sure to select the "System Administration Object" for import.

Creatio data import

Now if you attempt to hit the "Next" button, oddly, you will find nothing is happening and there is no indication of what the problem is. After some trial and error, I found that a column in the file is not compatible with the import tool for some reason. It was the column titled "Password". 

Though there is nothing wrong with it, there must be some internal constraint that blocks the use of that word. Fortunately there is a simple solution for this - just rename this column's title something else like "Initial Password".

Creatio rename initial password column

Now reselect the updated Excel file in the import tool and it will allow you to hit "Next" and proceed to the data mapping options.

Creatio data import mapping columns

Once the mappings are defined, select the (Login)Name field as the one that indicates uniqueness. This way, if the same user was already set up, it won’t add the same person again.

Creatio duplicate management

Then start the import and it should complete successfully.

Creatio data import result
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