In the Sage SalesLogix Application Architect after completing all of your new web customizations I occasionally run into some errors while building the web platform.  (Imagine that!)

The error message is sometimes less than descriptive:
ERROR - C:\Documents and Settings\jkuehlthau\Application Data\Sage\Platform\Output\Sage.SnippetLibrary.CSharp\src\Sage.SnippetLibrary.CSharp.@.84971c17-fdb8-4d87-9b5a-f944d61c24b9.codesn...(43,40):; expected

I recently found that I can double click anywhere on the row, and it will open the CSharp code snippet to the location of the error!  This saves me a lot of time trying to navigate around the Application Architect trying to find the error.

Double Click to find error in SalesLogix Application Architect
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