Most vendors today offer Outlook integration for their Windows clients; but until recently, Outlook for Mac and Outlook Web users had no options. If you’re one of these users, the Implicit FrontEnd integration for SugarCRM could possibly change your life (Maybe not your whole life, but at least your day-to-day business life!). Implicit FrontEnd allows Outlook users to do their SugarCRM work within the Outlook platform. View and manipulate account information, including related data like opportunities, cases, histories, notes, activities, documents, and sent & received emails. You can even utilize custom modules you created in Sugar — it all syncs up.

More on How it Works

As your emails are received, the system recognizes the contact or account associated and displays all the Sugar information related to that contact/account. With this information in hand, you can take immediate actions like creating new opportunities associated to the email or scheduling meetings into your Outlook calendar.

Want to archive an email? You can archive it according to the records it’s associated to in Sugar. The solution delivers full access to Sugar functions through Outlook AND reverse access to Outlook through Sugar. For example, if you open an email in Outlook you have the option to “Open in Sugar”, and vice versa if you opened it in Sugar.

Here is an example of the screen when you archive your emails.
Here is an example of the screen when you open an email through Sugar.

See Implicit FrontEnd in action in this introductory demo video.
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