The right CRM solution fits your growing business, but there are always opportunities to align it even closer with your goals and customer needs. That's why you may face a dilemma: should you focus on CRM support or CRM enhancements? Both contribute to continuous CRM improvement, so, how can you balance these two tasks with limited resources? Here are some tips.

CRM Support and CRM Enhancement Defined

First, it’s important to understand the difference between CRM support and enhancement and the pros and cons of each.

CRM support focuses on maintaining the current functionality of your CRM system. It is cost effective, prevents downtime, and ensures the CRM system remains accessible and reliable for users. However, it may not be adaptable as your business evolves and your customers demand more from you. 

CRM enhancements allow for the addition of new features to your CRM system. These can improve the overall user experience, increase productivity and customer satisfaction, and help your business stay competitive by addressing evolving needs. However, they may require more time, money, and expertise to implement and maintain.

Deciding Between Support and Enhancement

So how can you decide if you should prioritize CRM support or enhancement? Here are some tips to help you: 

  • Assess your current CRM system and identify its strengths and weaknesses. What are the features that work well and what are the ones that need improvement? How satisfied are your users and customers with your CRM system? 
  • Define your business goals and customer expectations. What are the outcomes that you want to achieve with your CRM system? How do you measure your success? What are the needs and preferences of your customers? 
  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of each option. How will CRM support or CRM enhancements help you achieve your goals and meet your expectations? What are the potential challenges or drawbacks of each option? How will they affect your budget, timeline, and resources? 
  • Prioritize based on urgency and impact. Which option will have the most immediate and positive effect on your business and customer experience? Which option will have the most long-term and strategic value for your business growth? 

By following these steps, you can make an informed decision that balances CRM support and CRM enhancements. You can also communicate your decision to your stakeholders and explain the rationale behind it. 

Getting Help with Support and Enhancement

If you need help with your CRM system, we’re here for you. We offer a range of services around CRM support and CRM enhancements, such as: 

CRM consulting: Our team analyzes your current CRM system, defines your goals and expectations, and recommends the best solutions for your needs. 

CRM implementation: We install, configure, and customize your CRM system according to your specifications and industry best practices. 

CRM training: Our experts train your users and customers on how to use your CRM system effectively and efficiently. 

CRM maintenance: We help you monitor, troubleshoot, and update your CRM system to ensure its optimal performance and security. 

CRM support and CRM maintenance are both crucial to the continuous improvement of your system. How and whether you apply them will depend on your individual needs. If you’d like some guidance on support and maintenance, please reach out to us.

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