HubSpot Online User Group: Use Cases for Chatbots

Chatbots are extremely useful to support omnichannel sales, marketing, and customer service. In this HubSpot user group, we'll explore how you can use your HubSpot chatbot for stellar customer experiences and streamlined business initiatives. Join us!

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE!

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Dana Abusalem

Business Analyst

With experience in Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Data Analytics, Dana’s role as Business Analyst at Technology Advisors focuses on combining her experience to help customers successfully adopt and utilize marketing solutions. Dana’s interests include painting, baking, and re-watching 90’s films.

Anne McDonnell-Aisiku

Senior Channel Consultant, HubSpot

Anne McDonnell Aisiku is a Senior Channel Consultant for HubSpot's Partner Program. Prior to joining HubSpot, she spent many years in the global education industry, and developed an interest in SaaS due to the solutions, innovation and efficiency HubSpot provided to the company at which she worked. Today she enjoys working with the firms and agencies of which our partner program is composed to identify new solutions and opportunities for a range of business models to achieve their goals. She lives right outside of Boston.

Danine Midura

Marketing & Content Director

As Marketing & Content Director for Technology Advisors Inc., Danine spearheads TAI content creation, events, campaigns, SEO and website management, webinars, user groups, and social media efforts. Her goal is to support TAI's mission to listen, personalize, and stay with its customers by crafting honest, helpful, and insightful marketing content. Danine's interests include blockbuster disaster movies, tank tops in an array of colors, used book stores, Jurassic Park, and being surrounded by trees.