Aligning Sales & Marketing for Success

Sales and marketing alignment is about translating shared goals into collaborative action. Without alignment, teams can duplicate one another's efforts, and great opportunities can slip through the cracks leading to revenue left on the table.

During this webinar -- co-hosted with marketing & sales leader, HubSpot -- we'll discuss strategies for aligning your sales and marketing through your software to increase customer acquisition rates and build a collaborative, resilient strategy that delivers better outcomes for everyone - your department, your company, and ultimately your customers.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE!

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Danine Midura

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing for Technology Advisors Inc., Danine spearheads TAI events, campaigns, SEO and website management, webinars, user groups, and social media efforts. Her goal is to support TAI's mission to listen, personalize, and stay with its customers by crafting honest, helpful, and insightful marketing content. Danine's interests include blockbuster disaster movies, tank tops in an array of colors, used book stores, Jurassic Park, and being surrounded by trees.

Sophie Salzman

HubSpot Principal Channel Account Manager

Sophie is a Principal Channel Account Manager at HubSpot with over six years of experience building partnerships and developing strategies to drive positive ROI. Sophie has helped hundreds of companies across different industries develop and execute innovative, customer-centric marketing and sales strategies to significantly increase lead generation and client acquisition rates. Helping businesses grow better and exceed revenue goals and targets are in her DNA. In her free time, Sophie enjoys running, cooking, painting, writing about different restaurant nooks, and traveling (when allowed)!