StarfishETL Delivers its Services to Creatio (formerly bpm'online) Customers

July 27, 2017

Integration & Migration Services Now Offered via Creatio Marketplace

Chicago, IL (July 28, 2017) – StarfishETL, a self-service data integration and migration platform, is now available for Creatio customers via the bpm’online Marketplace. Creatio provides unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM for sales, marketing, service to empower organizations to accelerate time-to-strategy execution.

With StarfishETL’s newly released bpm’online to Quickbooks integration, bpm’online users can align their front office and back office operations to have access to the most up-to-date information on their clients wherever they are. The integration features an easy Starfish Cloud setup, out-of-the-box connectors and field maps, and ready-to-go view of the back office information in bpm’online. StarfishETL services provide businesses with the ability to connect their strategic systems which enables them to migrate or share data, streamline processes, and better manage how data is used to improve business operations.

StarfishETL is a server-side solution offering both CRM integration and migration, with pre-built integrations and connectors and many customizable options. Having smart connection interface, StarfishETL connectors for Creatio products help to streamline the user experience while simplifying configuration and setup procedures. StarfishETL offers connector options to a range of popular business applications including CRM solutions, QuickBooks, ERP systems, social media, email, marketing automation, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores.

“We continue to expand StarfishETL’s DIY and cloud capabilities, and the recent addition to the bpm’online marketplace means bpm’online customers can now enjoy these benefits,” says Dave Wallace, StarfishETL General Manager. “The platform is highly configurable and adaptive to accommodate even the most complex integration and migration scenarios. It makes switching to Creatio simpler than ever.”

“We always strive to make the usage of Creatio easy and convenient for every customer, and for such a purpose, it is doubtlessly important to make the system highly flexible. We are constantly expanding the capabilities of Creatio, trying to improve customer experience starting from the implementation process. We believe that the integration tool by StarfishETL will make it easier for our customers to use Creatio CRM by enabling smoother integration with other systems.” - comments Vitalii Aizen, Head of Marketplace at Creatio.

Creatio customers now have access to integrating on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions via StarfishETL. Its scalable platform empowers businesses of any size to connect bpm’online products with virtually anything. StarfishETL communicates with applications via web services, API, or directly to other databases, ensuring full data connectivity.

To learn more about StarfishETL for Creatio, please visit the Creatio marketplace listing here.

Media Contact: Danine Pontarelli | Marketing Manager | | 847.655.3415

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