Technology Advisors Announces New Partnership with XperiDo

Chicago, January 7, 2016 — Technology Advisors (TAI) is now a partner of XperiDo, an automated document generation tool. The partnership enables TAI to sell XperiDo’s capabilities to SugarCRM users who want to simplify their business communication.

XperiDo is fully integrated with SugarCRM and can generate documents by merging data from any selected Sugar list view or record view. Just as a user’s SugarCRM may be hosted either on-site or in the Cloud, so may the XperiDo program. It can create in formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF, and it also integrates for Docusign digital signatures.

“We partnered with this solution because we saw the value of a tool that can template documents from within an existing CRM. Because of its integration capacity for Sugar, it’s applicable for a lot of our customers,” says Sam Biardo, CEO of Technology Advisors. “Beyond that, it can also generate documents from external or 3rd party systems, like an ERP — it’s extremely versatile.”

TAI is a global business and technology consulting company that provides services for project management, sales automation, customer service and support, call center optimization, analytics, and other business functions. To learn more about Technology Advisors and XperiDo, visit

Contact: Danine Pontarelli, TAI Marketing Manager | 847.655.3415