2018 Holiday Updates: New Creatio Schema Tools Features

We are excited to announce new updates to Creatio's Schema tools! In the previous release, we had all the property(field) types documented except for one —  additional details for Lookup type fields. These indicated their type correctly but did not indicate to which object they were actually related. So, if there was a relationship to the Account object, you would be able to find that field and see that it is defined as a "Lookup" type field.

The problem with that setup is, unless it is named "AccountId" or something similar, one would have to guess what it was related to. With the current release however, this problem is solved.

The Future of CRM is Process-Driven

Traditional CRM systems are born data-driven. The user enters information into standard modules that represent data types like accounts, leads, or opportunities, and then figures out the necessary processes later. However, process-driven CRM, while lesser-known, is starting to gain traction in the market; and if the theories it’s based on are correct, the future of CRM could see a great demand for it.

How 311 Call Centers are Transforming Municipal Emergency Responses

Guest Post by: Spencer Stern
When 311 call centers were initially launched more than 15 years ago, many municipalities welcomed them as a channel to off load a huge influx of non-emergency calls that were flooding 911 dispatch centers. The 311/non-emergency call centers have been successful in meeting that objective. Based on the more than 50 311 projects in which I have worked over the past 10+ years, we have seen a drop in 911 calls of 20-40% when 311 or a non-emergency call center has been introduced. However, call off loading was low hanging fruit. The 311 call centers are playing a much more pivotal role in supporting communities when emergencies occur. Let’s look at some examples.