At a recent customer event, we were fortunate enough to have Jason from SugarOutfitters come and talk to our customers about his favorite Sugar (and SuiteCRM) add-ons. In this blog post, we’ll share what those top Sugar add-ons were and how you can get your hands on them.

1. SugarChimp

SugarChimp is a nifty little add-on that integrates your MailChimp with your SugarCRM instance. By connecting the two, users can better manage marketing segments and maintain up-to-date lists with minimal effort. Sugar customers use this add-on to leverage Sugar data dynamically, and it works for all versions/editions of Sugar.

Price points and features vary depending on which version of Sugar you use, but if you want to test-drive the feature, Fanatical Labs offers a free 30-day trial.

2. RT Salesmap

This sales data visualizer creates a visual representation of Accounts, Leads, and Contacts within your Sugar system. You can see where your customers and prospects are on a map and plan your sales calls accordingly. The add-on uses Google maps to display the locations, so you know it’s accurate! You’ll need to enable Google APIs for JavaScript and Geocoding to utilize this add-on.

Not only does the add-on color code your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts to make them faster to identify, but the RT Salesmap also offers these nifty features:

  • Validates addresses by checking the geocodes of the address saved in your system
  • Lets you view the name of the record when you click a pin on the map
  • Helps you plan your routes with Optimized Route Planning tool
  • Lets you use custom search criteria to find the best match faster

The RT Salesmap is $5 per user per month but also offers a free 30-day trial if you just want to try it out. It is also compatible for SuiteCRM users.

3. Survey Rocket

Sugar calls this add-on their “must have SugarCRM survey plug-in”. The module is compatible with Sugar9 and allows the user to access CRM data for smarter, more intuitive surveys. Some of the most prominent features of this add-on are:

  • The ability to pre-fill the survey with Sugar data, making it easier and faster for the recipient to take the survey
  • Skip logic that allows survey takers to move past questions that aren’t applicable to them
  • Advanced reports and net-promoter scores generated from the survey data
  • The ability to trigger actions based on set conditions and share surveys with outside parties

This Sugar add-on also offers a 30-day free trial option. It is also compatible for SuiteCRM users.

4. SendSMS

This SMS add-on works with any version of Sugar  to allow text messaging to Sugar Contacts and Leads. Individual text messages can be sent to the Contact or Lead from the record view, or, a group SMS can be sent to many recipients from a record list. One extra cool thing about this add-on is that the text messages can be saved in Notes so you can keep track of what was sent to who. This add-on is also compatible with SuiteCRM and available for a free trial.

SendSMS Sugar Add-On

5. Trash Bin

Ever delete something and then IMMEDIATELY regret your decision? Yeah, me too. The Trash Bin extension could quite possibly save your life in this department. Think of it like a “Recycle Bin” for
your Sugar instance.

Instead of deleted items being completely removed from your system, they’re saved in your Trash Bin until you go in and restore or permanently delete them. You can set the Trash Bin to work with as many or few modules as you desire and even set an auto-delete if you so choose.

One of the other nice features of Trash Bin is the “Delete with Reason” action. When someone goes to delete a piece of data, they must enter the reason for deletion. This could help maintain data standards and track any trends that are common in deleting records. Trash Bin actions can be restricted by user, too, so you maintain the level of data control that makes sense for your business. This add-on works for version 6.0.0 through 9.0.0.

6. Background Updater

This add-on does exactly what you think it would do: runs in the background to make sure calculated fields and logic hooks are staying current. Any module (even custom ones!) can be configured by the Administrator to update the records on a set schedule. This is a great add-on for companies that rely heavily on their calculated fields/logic hooks for reporting purposes. If multiple modules need to stay current but some are more timely than others, the Admin can indicate the priority of which modules are processed first. Background Updater will work with Sugar 7.0.0 through Sugar 9.0.0. A free trial is available!

sugarcrm background updater

7. Kickoff

This add-on is a fabulous tool for users that are doing a lot of testing and debugging of their schedulers. It works with Sugar versions 6.9.0 up to 9.0.0 and even with on-demand environments. Kickoff allows the user to run any Schedulers or Queued Jobs at his or her discretion without having to wait for the Cron. When the job is complete, the user can assess the results for debugging purposes. The add-on is upgrade safe and simple to use. Much like the other add-ons listed in this post, Kickoff also offer a free 30 day trial.

sugar kickoff

8. Analytic Reporting

Who wouldn’t want better reporting metrics? This add-on lets users build dynamic reports and interactive charts in a variety of formats, with 100 pre-built reports included right when you start using it. You don’t have to be technical genius to utilize it either! The tool is powered by IT Sapiens, a well-established reporting tool that works within both Sugar and SuiteCRM.

Any report you create can be modified and filtered with unlimited summaries and groups in each. Charts created with the add-on are easy to highlight on a dashboard, too. IT Sapiens is supported for all versions of Sugar. A free trial is available.

9. OneClick Sudo Login for Sugar 8 & 9

This handy add-on is both useful and slightly creepy. It allows the Sugar Admin to log in as a different user without that user’s knowledge and without needing that user’s password. While the premise may seem intrusive, the add-on is extremely helpful for two major functions:

1. Setting up and configuring someone’s workspace
2. Making support tasks more efficient by letting the Admin directly into the workspace

When the Admin is logged in to the user’s workspace, they adopt all that user’s settings, rights, privileges, reports, filters, etc. Use promo code TECHADV25OFF for a discount on this add-on!

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