SugarCRM, Act-On, & Custom Module Help Spinnaker Clarify Data

Act-On, SugarCRM

Outdated legacy applications like Oracle CRM inhibited the usability and flexibility of Spinnaker’s data. Oracle did not integrate with the company’s other products, so the legacy tool was little more than a rolodex for contacts and a loose collection of notes and follow-up items. Spinnaker decided to put together a team to engage in a full software selection process for a new solution.

Materials Mover Drives Cohesive Sales & Marketing with Help from Technology Advisors


Originally using a combination of CRM and spreadsheets, Pape’s’ system existed as a set of multiple databases, preventing teams from establishing a cohesive customer view. The databases did not share the same physical account record for a given customer or a contact record for a single person at each account. The Pape’ team quickly realized the fragmented data was returning inaccurate information on the equipment each account was using. Clear communication between divisions was extremely difficult, as no one division could capture the entire picture of a customer.

EXILE Technologies uses SugarCRM to Support their Customers and Drive Sales


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, EXILE Technologies lacked a proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management |LS|software|RS|). The many products they used failed to live up to expectations and - even together - didn’t constitute a true CRM; they essentially functioned without a proper database. Without adequate visibility, the EXILE team could not review history of the service they delivered to their clients.

Journeys International Uses SugarCRM to Take Their Customers on Amazing Adventures


As a family-owned and operated business, Journeys International prides themselves on delivering personalized, unique travel experiences to their clients. This meant understanding and representing their clients’ interests in a CRM tool, but the average CRM wasn’t built for such a unique use case. Journeys International needed XRM, not CRM.

National Bureau of Property Administration Confidently Uses Infor CRM to Stay at the Top of Their Industry

Infor CRM

The original technology partner created custom code which was constantly breaking. Troubleshooting the issues and managing the bad data it produced had become overwhelming. The client had a spaghetti bowl of data that didn’t satisfy even the basic requirements of their software program thus making all things more difficult.

Infor CRM and Xbar Integrations Open New World of Communication for ReCept

Infor CRM

ReCept started looking for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution when management realized their current system was holding everyone back. The old system was not compatible with ReCept’s other programs, so sales representatives were doing double the work to track and maintain customer demographic information. Visibility between departments was almost non-existent, and because the teams couldn’t see what was coming up in queue they lost efficiency and often overlapped their efforts.

C&M Conveyor uses SugarCRM to put the order back in order management


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, C&M Conveyor had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place and was considering a very complex CRM implementation using their ERP system. 

Keller-Heartt Company uses SugarCRM to Shine a Light on Their Sales Process


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, Keller-Heartt had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place. This put them at risk whenever a sales team member matriculated because they had no way to preserve historical company data.

LabSource uses SugarCRM to Improve Sales Team Communication


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, LabSource had their data spread across 4 different databases. Each subsidiary’s sales team maintained their own records and often sold over each other, which put the relationships they had with their client base at risk.