The goal of B2C marketing is to have consumers choose your brand. Everything about your product creates a first impression on your customer. The promotional videos, the way the packaging looks, or even how it is displayed on a shelf are all important features for conversion. There are many different components that go into a consumer’s decision to purchase, and your products must stand out against competitors to catch their attention.  

Top B2C Marketing Strategies for 2022:  

Cutting through the noise means using the right B2C strategies for the moment. Here are the top B2C strategies businesses are using in 2022, and a few examples of successful campaigns:  

#1 Social Media   

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are still holding strong as one of the best ways to reach B2C customers directly. Creating and sharing content within these platforms not only allows you to promote your products, but can help increase your SEO.  

68% of social media users say social platforms allow them to interact with brands they like, and more than half (51%) expect the companies they follow to know them and personalize for them based on their social media activity. Knowing that customers expect that behavior-based personalization, marketers will need to stay on top of social engagement metrics as they build marketing profiles and push campaigns.  

#2 Paid Advertising  

Marketers who want to effectively use PPC’s (pay-per-click) in 2022 might have to rethink their strategies with the phase out of third-party cookies that’s underway. Marketers can navigate these changes by shifting their PPC approach with strategies such as:  

  • Contextual marketing  
  • Using the new Google Analytics  
  • Maximizing first party data 
  • The use of AI 
  • IP-based personalization 

#3 Influencer Marketing 

Most influencers promote brands that align with their values. Influencer marketing in 2022 is predicted to grow up to 72.5%, compared to 67.9% in 2021.  There has been an increase in influencer marketing as more people buy off trends and recommendations from the people they follow.  

Influencer marketing is a huge component of today’s marketing strategies, and it’s not going anywhere in 2022. So, it's important to build strong relationships with influencers to promote your brand.  

#4 Podcasts 

Although videos have traditionally been important aspects in marketing, in 2022, podcasts will find their time in the sun. 55% of people in the U.S. have listened to a podcast, while 16 million people are “avid podcast fans”.  

Podcasts are starting to be more popular for B2C marketers. Only 19.1% of marketers have used podcasts in their marketing plans, however 37.4% have said it is very effective. Moving into 2022, marketers should incorporate podcasts into their marketing plans to effectively increase sales. 

#5 Email Marketing  

Email volume was up 94% from 2020 to 2021. Experts are anticipating that will increase again going into 2022. This means that marketers who will continue email marketing strategies for B2C must focus on accurate segmenting and personalized offers.  

In 2020, the email market was valued at $7.5 billion and is predicted to be $17.9 billion by 2027. Emails have been a huge way of communicating with customers since the start of the pandemic, and that shift will continue in the upcoming years.  

#6 Point-of-Purchase (POP) Marketing 

When you walk into a store and see all the displays, sale signs, and on-package coupons, you are looking at point-of-purchase marketing techniques. POP marketing isn’t limited exclusively to in-store experiences, though. Especially in the past few years, with less people venturing outside their homes, the power of POP marketing online has grown. In 2022, its influence will continue.  

95% of Americans have admitted to splurging while shopping in stores, and 86% splurged while online shopping. Marketers who are focusing on online POP efforts going forward can drive better results by keeping these strategies in mind: 

  • Consider updating your e-commerce site to optimize the user experience. 
  • Reevaluate your re-targeting and see if it needs any improvement 
  • Tie in your social media brands to your POP marketing for extended brand credibility  

#7 Co-Branding & Affinity Marketing  

When two companies come together and promote items together, it is known as co-branding. Affinity marketing is a partnership between a supplier and an organization that has different products that can work together to be sold in one location. 71% of consumers enjoy co-branding partnerships because it adds value to both products. 

 For example, your local coffee shop might sell items from a local bakery. But because these products can go together, they are sold in the coffee shop to fulfill a customer's needs. Co-branding and affinity marketing initiatives aren’t going anywhere in 2022.  

#8 Storytelling  

Storytelling in 2022 will be just as important as it was in 2021. Communicating with your customers through a story can help you stand out against competitors. Bringing context through storytelling and using real examples of problems or relevant topics can help viewers connect with your brand on a personal level. Every brand has its own story and creating content that is engaging will make those stories memorable.  

Successful Examples of B2C Marketing  

#1 Starbucks  

Starbucks cornered the market on custom drinks and quality service, and that‘s part of what makes them so special to their customers. They maintain that relationship with an app that rewards customers with stars when they purchase through it. This B2C marketing strategy attracts customers and, even more importantly, helps keep them as customers long-term. The promotions drive sales and make the relationship between the consumer and the Starbucks brand stickier. 

#2 Toms 

Toms shoes successfully markets to their customers by offering sales throughout the year. Displaying the old price slashed out has a psychological effect that helps customers feel they are getting the best deal. Toms also offers promotional discounts if you sign up with your email. Getting 20% off in exchange for an opt-in does two things: 1.) It gives Toms the marketing data they need to personalize and 2.) it rewards the customer who will not let the coupon go to waste.  

#3 Spotify 

Spotify does a great job of tailoring related music to customers based on what they listen to daily. They use data-driven narratives to collect information and find related songs based on what the user likes. This helps them make playlists with recommended songs that their listeners want to stream. 

Final Thoughts 

Effective marketing strategies are important for making a memorable impression on potential buyers. These strategies represent some of the most effective approaches for today’s B2C marketing. As the market continues to shift in 2022, staying ahead of these trends will be crucial to success.  

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